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    SOIL best time to harvest for maximum CBD

    Hi...with high or almost pure CBD strains (less than 1% THC) what colour trichomes is the best time to harvest for maximum CBD as I'm getting a mixture of opinions? Some people say milky as CBD degrades like THC others say more amber's but I thought amber's were CBN and we're if you want more of a sedative hit...thanks
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    I’m actually growing some hemp right now, CBD as a chemical looks white, CBN looks amber. If you are trying to push the THC level down, then wait for amber because CBD is more stable than THC.
    For the ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM for cannabinoid production is when the ENTIRE Plant is pure white with zero amber and zero clear, however this is very rare to happen perfectly as nature is random so make your best guess for your needs.
    Grow and good luck
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      Thank you makes sense will aim for a couple of amber's for a slight sedative effect as it's for anxiety depression and insomnia

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