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Very clear head high

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    Very clear head high

    Hello friends!

    So my Jack herer is getting to the end of her life cycle.
    In few days it would be week 10 of flowering.
    Typically she needs about 11-12 weeks to finish bloom.

    Few days ago, I was reading that if you harvest early, when most trichoms are clear, you will get very clear energetic high. I always harvest on milky ones. So
    today I decided to cut off little part of bud ( most of trichoms are still clear) used quick drying method and smoked it.
    The high was very satisfying, but most important was very very cleared headed high. i was full of energy all the day.

    So my question is: Does harvest on clear trichoms, (1-2 week before harvest time) really makes you more focused and energetic?

    I know what it feels like to harvest on milky or amber trichoms, but clear ones are new experience.

    P.s I think to harvest one of the cola beofre it will become milky.

    I find an early harvest to be a very racey high with an elevated heart rate and an almost shakey uneasy feeling.


    • Ell
      Ell commented
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    True dat smokesteve ..bzzzzzz..Racey.


      Ok mostly clear works for some people. Yes for most you feel speedy, paranoid, anxious, and feels like your heart is gonna beat out your chest. Not to mention a headache from hell. However for some it is perfect. Exactly what they want and need. That's why we have this hobby in the first place isnt it? To grow for ourselves? So keep testing what you like and dont worry about what it does for others. Enjoy your new found joy.


      • Toripony
        Toripony commented
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        Exactly why I'm doing it, to get exactly what I want. Consistently! There are dozens of weed stores within 25 miles of me but I've yet to find one with consistent product. I'm looking for a specific buzz/med and every time I find one I like they run out or the next batch is different. I gave up on that. As Zaxar points out, it's not just the strain but how you raise and harvest it. So harvest 'em earlier and enjoy your "Very clear head high" if that's what works for you. I think sampling is key!

      Zaxar Hey, if she smoked well with clear triches, more power to ya!!! You got the high you wanted.

      Some folks say that peak THC is when all triches are clear; what may be racey and a little unsettling for one smoker may be perfect for another. AND, where one strain may be racier with clear triches, another may not be. Doing what you did is always the best bet for finding what smokes best for each one of us...
      Anyone can grow schwag. If you want to grow top shelf bud, study hard:

      Growing since July 21, 2016; pothead since 1967
      2 BCNL Roommate hydroponic grow boxes w/ 400w COB LEDs, Future Harvest nutes
      Grow # 18, Aug. 2023: Anesia Seeds: Imperium X, Future 1, Sleepy Joe, Slurricane


        thanks for you replies!

        I completely decided to harvest 1-2 cola for this time and let other ripen! .
        Of course I like some top shelf buds, But this kind of high is best for my situation.
        Also I think that after properly drying and curing clear trichom buds will become more potent!


        • alltatup
          alltatup commented
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          Curing definitely makes buds more potent!

        • Toripony
          Toripony commented
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          Another great benefit of growing your own... selective harvesting.

        From my experience harvesting early, as you describe, is not conducive to a lucid/clear-headed effect. Quite the opposite, actually! Somewhat energetic, yes, but not clear. Of course everyone has slightly different chemistry. Not to mention we are talking about ultimately subjective terminology/effects. (What you call energizing and clear I may call racy!)

        If I were to hazard a guess I'd say your experience in this instance is more likely attributable to the strain than the timing of the harvest. But that would only be a guess.

        Hey, one of the beautiful aspects of growing is being able to have more control over the entire process from seed to finished product! Experiment! Harvest some early and cure, let some go for a long time before harvest and curing. Or anything in between! (But label properly and take notes!) Dial in what *you* like best. They're your ladies, your grow, your smoke! Find out what works best for you!

        Happy growing!


          My experience is that when I quick dry a sample, I get the same result, but after drying and curing the plant, that clear head high, gives way to a more indica high.
          completed 7 grows
          what I have learned so far:
          environment maters more than nutrients
          at least a dab of nutrients in every watering
          effective flushing before harvest is critical to quality


            Thats what im going to test now. Harvest some buds early and let them dry as they need. Will post about resault.

            Flockshot, So you say that it doesn't matter when you harvest quick drying is the main thing that makes you more energized?


            • Flockshot
              Flockshot commented
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              I can not say what causes the 'sativa' high, but I can say that the best sativa high I have had since I started growing, was the two times I did the quick dry system.

              My quick dry is to put pot on paper towel and about 8 sec in microwave, then about 5 minutes out to cool and dry and then back in for about 8 sec. Repeat till dry enough to put in the pipe.

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