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Can someone suggest a bitcoin exchange that sells in the U.S.?

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    Can someone suggest a bitcoin exchange that sells in the U.S.?

    Getting setup to buy seeds with bitcoin. Seems pretty straight forward except for the fees. What are your suggestions for an exchange selling in the U.S. that's low on their credit/debit card fees?

    I'm glad the seed banks offer discounts to use bitcoin but don't see what they get out of it. Guess it's really hard to get a card company to process payments from them.

    I have a Coinbase account, but have zero bitcoin in it. There is far too much fluctuation for my taste. My CapitalOne credit card has a zero foreign transaction fee. I had it attached to my Coinbase account, but removed it. No fee.



      Coinbase has worked great for me, very easy and quick to set up. I always have $15 extra to cover fees...
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        Coinbase for me too. I add $20, but I'm canadian 😁🇨🇦😂


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          I had actually ordered from Seedsman earlier this day (23 Sept) Order shipped on 27 Sept. Order received today

        That's three straight comments for Coinbase and from everything I've read on the great wide web, they probably have the easiest process for beginners. Guess I'll give them a go when it comes time (hopefully in the next month or so).


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