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    Can't decide

    I was given a beautiful mother plant from a good friend whose been growing since the 70s. Some old hippie gave him this strain (he calls it Chubby) back when he was still young, so it's probably one of the few legit original strains left. It's great smoke all around and seems to be pretty easy to grow.

    My dilemma is that I have some Gorilla Glue #4 seeds and that's one of my favorite strains. I just started a perpetual grow and only have room for one mother plant. Should I keep my grandpa's grandpa's wicked strain or make a GG#4 mother?

    I know it's all personal preference, but I can't decide.
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    Well, if it were me I would probably grow the old school strain as a mother, and just order the GG #4 seeds as I wanted more of it, since there are plenty of seeds out there for it. I tend to view genetics as really valuable to the planet, plants animals, and us humans ( even though we mess it up, I suppose), and once genes are gone, they are gone. I would probably try to save some seeds from it to, some how. I'm the kinda person that will HORD seeds, and worries if I don't have seeds around, for all kinds of stuff, Lol!
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    • JerryMawuana
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      That's what I was thinking too. Plus it is a really good strain. I'm only on my second grow, so as much as I'd love to hord some of its seeds that'll have to wait for me to get better lol.

    • GreenhouseEffect
      GreenhouseEffect commented
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      Well, all you need to know to make some feminized seeds from that plant, is in the Tutorials Nebula has posted hear ( though I will admit that my first attempt at that this summer did not work, but then, I didn't read through Nebuals article, first!).
      Just realized that this is my 420th post! Feel like I should go get myself a brownie for that!

      Happy growing my friend!

    • JerryMawuana
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      I'm honored to be a part of that! I'll smoke one to celebrate. Enjoy your brownie.

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