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    We have a boy!

    G'day guys,
    I have a couple of Banghi Haze seeds I planted to experiment on/ learn from, before I started my indoor grow. They are outside atm, one has started developing female flowers, the other has grown balls. I wouldn't mind some free seeds even if they're regs but I'm wondering what sort of consequences this may have on the indoor grow I have just started. Would it be smarter to get rid of it all together?

    i would just get rid of the male (:


      You could let it grow for a minute, kill it before they open, clip off some pods "ballz" store them in a zipper bag in the freezer and hand pollinate only a couple buds sites.
      if you let it freely pollinate you run the risk of just grow seeds.
      best would be to separate them, isolate the male, if you keep it. high risk of wind pollination outside, life happens and we can always catch things.
      Once you have a known female save yourself some time and clone her.
      I'll teabag your drumset.


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        all kinds of flexibility with this route. you want to keep multi options open.

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