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Compound Genetics banned me

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    Compound Genetics banned me

    Compound Genetics banned me from Instagram for posting a comment. I bought a pack of Liquid Imagination femalized seeds from Seeds Here Now and popped them all very finicky seeds but they grew . Turned them over and they all so far have been males. So I told them and they banned me. And yes I can sex a plant I have 10 years growing experience. Is that BS or just their right to censorship .

    Poor customer relations, word gets around quick with social media, forums like this etc etc. Lots of seed banks out there that try and keep their customers satisfied .


    • Potted
      Potted commented
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      Trash them,lesson learned,try Seedsman

    It would have been a far better business practice to resend you a packet of seeds. You might then have retracted your post, and they would have been seen practicing fair play. Their cost would have been minimal so it would have paid off for them down the road. Why don't you give it a go, and discuss it with them?


    • GrowMeTrichomes
      GrowMeTrichomes commented
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      It makes it hard to get a hold of if I'm banned.

    • starramus
      starramus commented
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      Is a phone call to the company possible?

    It doesn't sound like they are on the up and up, just grabbing for money and unwilling to part with it. And that's just undemocratic on their part, cuz you weren't being a troll at all.
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