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Question about molasses

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    Question about molasses

    I've been reading quite a bit on the benefits of using molasses for plants. I decided that I should give it a try and bought some yesterday. My question is if anyone has done a side by side experiment with one plant getting molasses and nutes, and the other plant just getting nutes? If so what was the outcome?

    I'm definitely going to be doing this experiment regardless, but I'm curious about other peoples experience.

    I'm growing in Dutch treat soil, 2x4 tents, 400 watt metal halide bulb in flowering tend and "1000" watt led in veg tent with a couple 19 watt led light bars, in 3 gallon fabric pots and root farm nutes from home Depot (surprisingly not too bad).
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    Molasses: Feeding The Soil

    Your soil is the very foundation of your cannabis grow, it is full of nutrients and microorganisms that all work together to keep your cannabis plant strong and healthy as it grows. Whilst it is important to ensure the nutritional balance of the soil is correct, it is also ensuring that it is a suitable environment microorganisms can thrive in that really separates the good from the expert cultivator.

    This is where molasses comes in. While molasses is quite rich in nutrients, it is primarily used as a carbohydrate source for the organisms in your soil, effectively feeding the soil and improving it as a foundation for your cannabis. The microorganisms found within the soil play a vital role in the growth of your cannabis, and they also require the right nutrients to thrive. By giving them molasses you ensure they have what they need, and subsequently boost the structure, moisture retention, microorganism content and efficiency of the soil – which in turn benefits your cannabis. The Other Benefits of Molasses

    In addition to improving the base quality of the soil, using molasses to irrigate your crops can also help prevent the build-up of pathogens that will potentially harm your plants, as well are reduce salt build up that can cause nutritional problems. Molasses contains a good amount of macro- and micro-nutrients, all of which are essential to cannabis health to one degree or another. As both macro- and micro-nutrients are not required in huge amounts, it can sometimes be quite hard to diagnose a deficiency. By regularly adding molasses to your grow you can ensure your cannabis has everything it needs
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      Well said ,not much to add except ti desoves better I warm water.


        So then still not recommended for hydro, right?
        Grow and good luck
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          Not recommended for Hydro. I would think the sugar would gum up all your plumbing.

        • furrysparkle
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          Cool, thanks.

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