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Who makes the best auto-flowering strains?

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    Who makes the best auto-flowering strains?

    Auto-flowering strains of cannabis automatically start flowering (making buds) about 3-4 weeks after sprouting. Most autoflowering strains of cannabis are ready to harvest in just 2-3 months from seed, which gives a faster harvest than almost any photoperiod strain. They can also be a great choice for ourdoor growers who want an early Summer harvest, or who live in a climate where it's warm enough to grow all year.

    The genetics for auto-flowering strains have been improving steadily for the last several years, and while I've been hesitant to recommend auto strains in the past, now I believe they're finally ready for prime time!

    Tried & Trusted Auto-Flowering BreedersWe've also heard great things about Mephisto Genetics but we don't have any experience with them yet.

    Hope you enjoy the article, and definitely let us know what you think!
    What are auto-flowering strains and what should you expect when you grow one? Learn what you need to know and get the pros and cons of auto-flowering vs photoperiod strains, and get grow tips and secrets to getting better yields/potency!

    My first order of seeds was supposed to include an auto freebie. I didn't think much of it at first but after some research on GWE I think autos sound awesome. I was disappointed to find my order without it. I ordered a second batch with 5 autos. Definitely can't wait to check them out.


      My next grow will be COTC Amphetamine and Narcotic Kush autos. I already have the beans. After that I want to get some Fruit Automatic by Dinafem. Then I will grow a Panama from Ace Seeds over the summer (after I get a taller tent). It is so hot here that this all tropical sativa should stand up to the heat and high humidity from my swamp cooler well. Anyhow that is the plan.


        I don't know what it is. But I just can't get my head around Auto flowering strains. I guess I just need to smoke some to decide if I want to try growing some.
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        1 Purple Kush - BC Seedking


          Great advice Nebula! My only grows so far are for these easy to grow varieties, and I really don't feel the need to grow anything else.. Yes, they can be potent too! 🌞
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            Hey all,

            ​​​​​​I've grown quite a few Auto's. Though a little more sensitive than their photoperiod counterparts I'm starting to get the hang of it. The three best I've ever grown out are, a Wipeout express by Heavyweight Seed's, a Purple Express by Freedom Seed's and Northern Light from Speed Seed's. Now, the most expensive seed was the Wipeout at about $13.00. The Purple Express was around $7.00. The Northern Light came in at under $4.00. These three plant's were amazing, just as the breeder described. All yielded about three ounce's dried except for the Wipeout, she yielded a whopping five ounce's dried. I use CFL'S religiously. I have to get some pictures up for proof. The Purple Express was so beautiful, the deepest burgundy flower's you have ever seen.

            One point I would like to make clear is, the most expensive genetics doesn't always guarantee the best results.

            Peace and good karma,



              I just started flushing 2 Nirvana Bubblelicious auto plants today and should be cutting in a week. My first autos. This strain smells amazing and I have high hopes. They responded well to scrog/lst.

              I've been very tempted to switch to autos so I can have a perpetual harvest in one lighted spaced on 18/6. We'll see how this Bubblelicious turns out...


                Hi Nebula, hope you see this. I'm curious about why you didn't list Nirvana as a tried and trust auto breeder? I've been reading this site for some time and you used to have them listed as very reliable. Have they been having problems?? Reason I ask is that I'm new to growing and my first order/grow was theirs. I had no problems, but as I mentioned very curious as to their current standing. Thanks for such a Wonderful site you and Sirius set up!!!!


                  I love Nirvana and all their strains are great! Actually at this point, I probably should add them as an example of an auto-flowering breeder. They only started seriously breeding autos about a half decade ago (before that they only had one or two strains). In the last 2-3 years they've been incorporating the best auto genetics and really come into their own with their own auto strains. I know someone who just harvested their Short Ryder and got over 6 ounces from each plant (with 4 plants under a 600W). Unfortunately I haven't actually got to try the buds yet but he told me the effects were great!


                    For my first grow, I chose Guerilla seed in the UK . So far, I am happy with my seeds


                      Nebula, thanks for the positive feedback on Nirvana. I'm pleased with them and who can't love getting 10 freebies with each order!!!

                      Holy Crap, 6oz from the Short Rider!!!!! There's a lot of truth in having enough light. I was proud of getting about 1/2oz from mine for a first grow under a 36W led, then an added 135W led during flowering. Tight penny grow, but adding as I go.


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