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    Long term storage of cannabis buds. How do you store yours? Or are you like me and still growing and stocking those jars for only a few months?

    Watched a news story that showed how the largest cannabis operation in Canada grows mj. Out east in Ontario. Showed the simple minded how cannabis is grown - from clone and onwards up to buds.

    They start 6000 clones at once. News story showed us with lots of pretty pictures how the buds are cut down - go through these big spinners that takes off all the sugar leaves and stuff.

    Then they showed all these buds drying on racks and talking about what the air conditions are all like - and how long they dryed the buds for.

    Nothing about curing - like one of the important stages that I pay attention to.

    No curing - vacuum packed in air tight plastic bags - looked like one kilo bags.

    Hung on racks and stored in some huge hermetically sealed vault. They've been doing this for over a year and have $15 million dollars worth hanging around in that vault.

    Did not say what happens next - other than October 17.

    I doubt very much that there would be any curing.

    Any thoughts on what that cannabis would be like?
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    Canuck, here's one of the most scientifically-based explanations that I've read about what curing does:

    Very interesting to read that cannabinoid synthesis continues after harvest and makes the bud more potent. I want to find more info on that.

    I conclude one more time that this is why there's nothing like home-grown and cured cannabis: because probably most of what's sold hasn't been properly cured. The time it takes to cure is money down the drain for cannabis businesses, from the streets up to the big place in Canada.

    Anyone can grow schwag. If you want to grow top shelf bud, study hard:

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    • starramus
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      Just another down side of capitalism among the many.

    Howdy Canuck147, I have never had to worry about long term storage before. On my last grow, I got 12.82 oz. of bud and it is (so far) lasting a long time. I have always stored my bud (and trim) in the freezer after curing and now, I keep the caps in the freezer until needed.
    Smoke weed,.....grow peace!


      My answer to long time storage is don't. Give the shit away.


        Sounds a bit like Mexican brick with a wet cure, just saying if it dident mold out first, YUCK hack,hack 😖


          My thoughts on what that cannabis would be like, probably smokes like the harsh crap they sell you in our Colorado Dispensary's!! Pretty awful stuff, I know cancer survivors who will only ever use edibles from some of those places, since they spray there plants with actual pesticides. At least if it goes through your digestive tract, there is a chance for it to get filtered out, as opposed to going straight into your lungs and straight through the blood/brain barrier.
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          • starramus
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            I haven't been into a dispensary in quite some time either, but these folks do have a nice ad. I might buy some hash oil from them.

          • alltatup
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            That website claims "synthetic pesticide free."

          • GreenhouseEffect
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            Wow, that's really good to see.
            It looks like they are really trying to do it right, if I was gonna buy some weed, it would probably be there!

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