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Calcium/Magnesium Deficiency

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    Calcium/Magnesium Deficiency

    Fist time growing, noticed one of my plants are dying, it's not absorbing water and I looked up symptoms but still aren't sure...any guidance please?? My other plants are showing a bit of signs of the same thing on the bottom leaves .

    What is the ph of your water.. They could be nutrient locked if your ph wanders above 7 or below 6. Do you check ec?

    Are you feeding her nutrients, what size pot are they in, what kind of soil.
    Grow -1 Spare bedroom 10x12x8--
    Soil FFOF
    Flower- hps 1000w +300 watt l.e.d. full spectrum side lighting
    Veg-T5 ho 4ft 4tube 216w....cfl pigtails 45w x2 6500k
    2 Auto Blue Dream fem --from msnl
    1 white lsd auto --from msnl
    megacrop- armor si- calmag-kool bloom-molasses
    3gal & 5gal smart fabric pots
    Window A/C cooled- box fan
    6in hydrofarm blower fan into hps

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