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AlphaPhoenix Grow - 1000w LED, DWC, CES Nutrients

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    Hopefully we can really bring out the terps

  • Redwasp
    Qas thinking about an OG for my next grow

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  • AlphaPhoenix Grow - 1000w LED, DWC, CES Nutrients

    Here we grow again ...... lol. But in all seriousness this will be my 6th grow and I will be doing something different. Normally I would grow with soil or coco but I have decided that Top Fed DWC is the way to go this time.

    Also I am going to be testing a new line of nutrients - Cutting Edge Solutions Trio (Micro, Grow & Bloom). They come highly recommended by friendly growers I met at my local dispensary. Apparently they are a more "cleaner" trio that is similar to Advanced Nutrients that flushes better at the end of flowering. Also obviously they boast better yields and taste than Advanced Nutrients but to each their own opinion when it comes to that. My decision was simply cost and ease of use.

    Lastly I am trying out 2x Blue Diamond, 2x OG #3, and a Weed Bros OG for seeds but since they were free from a dispensary I dont know what will pop and what wont so we shall see what grows.

    So final stats are:
    3' × 3' × 5' tent with 460 cfm variable speed exhaust fan
    1 × 600w ViperSpectra LED (with individual Veg & Bloom switches)
    2 × 12w Vintage Grow High Yield LED (Seedlings & Side Lighting)
    2 × 5 Gallon Black Buckets with 4" Net Pots
    4 × Large Air Stones (2 per bucket)
    571/gph O2 Air Pump with Metal 6-Way Splitter
    Hydroton Clay Pellets for Grow Medium
    Cutting Edge Solutions - Micro, Grow, Bloom Nutrients
    Botanicare Cal-Mag and Botanicare HydroGuard
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