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    Hermied plant

    Hey all,

    My late night harvest last night revealed that ONE plant which was thankfully in the corner of my flowering tent has went HERM on me... The nugs are fluffy, most covered in trichomes and have some seeds and or pollen sacks... BUMMER! Luckily it appears to be isolated to this single plant and all others harvested look just fine! I can contribute this happening from one single week where my AC was on the frits and temps soared to 90-93 degrees for the week. With that being said, I harvested this plant, wet trimmed her/him and set it aside to dry separate from the rest of the harvest.

    My main question is: Can I do anything with this flower? Is it smokeable? Can I press it for rosin? Can I cook with it? Toss it all in the trash? Compost it?

    This is my first hermied plant so im not sure on how to handle it. Thank in advance for any thoughts or input!

    Happy Growing!

    There is nothing, and I do mean nothing, wrong with smoking the weed. It is a natural process and nothing to worry about.

    completed 7 grows
    what I have learned so far:
    environment maters more than nutrients
    at least a dab of nutrients in every watering
    effective flushing before harvest is critical to quality


      Some of the best weed I ever smoked was from a Hermied girl that I grew from a bag seed.


        Thanks for the input guys, Should I just take some extra time when final trimming to remove seeds/pollen sacks?? Seems as though this is more of a "bag appeal" issue??


        • kingfish
          kingfish commented
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          You're right, if you mean by final trimming you gonna harvest her, then is just 'bag appeal",

        • HIonCANNABI420
          HIonCANNABI420 commented
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          I already harvested, I do a wet trim, removing all of the fan leaves easily accessible with my fingers... After 7-10 days of drying I do a final "clean up" trimming of all the dry brittle leaves. From there I throw them into glass jars for curing.

        • Flockshot
          Flockshot commented
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          If you miss any seeds, they can go off like popcorn. A lot of shirts used to have seed holds burned in them.

        Treat them as they where regular buds. You have smoked pollen sacks in the past without knowing. It is a common thing


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