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    Heat Wave

    Hello growers, This is my 3rd yr. outdoor grow with auto in home made super soil. Here in upstate N.Y. , we have had the craziest weather i can remember in 66 yrs. We had the warmest Feb. on record, the coldest March on record ,The wettest April and the hottest June ever. Normally we get 1 or 2 days in the 90s , this yr. in the past 3 weeks.,we had 7, 3 at 98 degrees. The 4 White widows are 7 weeks old, just forming cotton ball buds,getting a gallon+ water each a day. With super soil i can go through a grow with no problems ,this yr, all 4 are losing there first and second sun leaves. I don't think its a nuke problem , think it's the heat. Any ideas???

    I imagine small fans or any fans would be hard to get a hold of - unless you already have one - hopefully it's oscillating or whatever - get the air moving through your plants. Or stand out there by your plants with a bigass piece of cardboard and wave it at them. Where there's a will there's a way. Ice would help too of course.
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      Mulch will help keep the soil moist and cool... Shade covers/netting can help reduce heat. Don't over water...easy to do when it's hot outside. Mulch can help with that too. If they're in pots you can dig a hole to keep the pots cool in and throw straw over the top of the hole. Move them into the shade if you can....water early in the morning. Build a snow fence....use a patio umbrella or build a shade canopy. Heat can be rough outside hope you figure something out.

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