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Once, Twice, Three times a Lady

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    Once, Twice, Three times a Lady

    "Three Times a Lady" is a song by American soul group the Commodores, from their 1978 album Natural High."

    I will not embarrass this person by name but will say from reading deeper into the forums this member refers to herself as a "tatted up old biker chick" aka Lindsay Lohan methinks.

    This lady saw one of my first posts about my excessive drinking which I used to ease my pains and sent me a PM saying she knew my struggle and was there to help, we even bantered back and forth with her explaining tinctures and such. Unbeknown to me she had a major medical problem at the same time which was much worse than mine. Other forum members were concerned for her health as she was mia from the group - all the while she made sure I was ok via PM.

    Thanks to all the members here and especially to my Tatted Lady for showing the world that a seemingly innocuous and beneficial plant can withstand the rue of senile old men who by their own rights should be dead if they had outlawed the foxglove plant which produces digitalis used for heart attacks. One is classified as a vile and pernicious drug but seems to bring out the best in the human race - while the other is a legal plant that prolongs the agony of bitter old fools who spend trillions of our dollars but never made a single one by the sweat of their own brow (that's biblical btw).

    I will say this, If you ever looked sideways at me after drinking a bottle of congressionally approved whiskey I would have driven my lawnmower through your hibiscus plants and put you in jail for 20 years...

    just saying - 18 beers can be inspirational

    Sour60 autos.
    3 gal grow bags 70/30 coco/perlite.
    26"x 44"x 78" tall grow area.
    2 - 300 watt HyberGrow full spectrum LEDs (actual 105watts).

    Hycheese.... between the 2 of us, we would have sucked the distilleries dry! I, too, am inspired by the "tatted up old biker chick".
    If the sun always shone
    How soon the tree would wither
    -- Confucius


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