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Best location to place thermometer/hygrometer in grow tent?

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    Best location to place thermometer/hygrometer in grow tent?

    Recently moved my lights and have noticed a pretty drastic change in my hi/low temps and humidty readings. Nothing out of control but still a decent change from the 78-84° and 40-50%RH I was keeping.

    should it be down about canopy level? Base of pots? Above/below light?

    should I have multiple thermometers?

    where are your thermometers placed?!?

    I put mine on top of one of my pots.
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      I like one on the floor and then one midway(I have a pocket on my tent for it). That way I have medium read between floor and heat from the lights midway. ...a guesstimate.
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        I have 3 one at canopy level one at root level and one above the light.... it might be a little over board but I know what's happening in my climate and average temps/rh.

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          I only have one ATM; it's clipped to my scrog net...downside is I have to open the tent to read it which could get tricky after I flip to 12/12.
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            Yeah I bought one at Wal-Mart that has a sensor I put in the tent and can read from outside the tent 😉.

          I use two; one sitting on the bucket lid and and another identical one hanging 2 inches above the canopy. I raise that one out of the way whenever I'm working though, which is a lot.

          Chefbjy You could never have enough meters my friend. I'm thinking of putting another one a few inches above the lights as well to monitor the highest temps of the room.
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            with seedlings and small pots i put it right above the pot to monitor the roots don't get too hot, once they get bigger and stronger i put it above the canopy where the hottest spot is closer to the light to make sure it doesnt get over 30ºC


              I use this point and shoot for temp and place hygrometer in tent tool pocket. Kiss


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                faaaaaaancy... be sure to stick some painters tape where you take your readings to avoid reflection interference

              Mine hangs from my T5 fixture among the tops/colas... about 5 inches from bulbs. This kept it in a consistent place during growth as I raised lights. It's the outdoor temp/rh sensor of an Accu Rite indoor/outdoor unit and has the sensors for my controllers taped to it. The display sits in the house where I see it several times a day/night in case something malfunctions out in the garage.
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