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3rd Attempt at growing

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    3rd Attempt at growing

    Ok. So this is my third attempt at growing. First time i had a bag seed that was a male, second time i did autos that ended up with fluffy weightless buds.. Reminded me of styrofoam. And now i have another bag seed. Its been vegging for almost 3 months now.
    I started this seed in a 3 gal. Pot of FFOF and kept it in that pot until about 2 weeks ago, and transplanted it into a 7 gallon. The soil that was added to the 7 gallon was mostly FFOF, but i also found some cheap organic soil and added a small amount, and added a good bit of perlite. (Dont have exact amounts, didn't keep that information) also been feeding with general organics calmag, and biothrive grow. I have 5 "Miracle LED 150W replacement" bulbs, 12W actual power draw, and 1 "miracle LED 100W replacement" which is actually 9W. And also have 2x 25W cfl that I was thinking about using to provide light to lower branches. Im almost 90% sure its a female by the preflowers i looked at with a jewelers loup. Really trying to make sure conditions are perfect before starting flowering and was wondering if the lighting, nutes, and everything seemed pretty good. Looking for suggestions and ideas to help. Any input would be greatly appreciated to help my little closet grow! Thanks!

    Hard to tell from those pics but it looks female. Given the fact your only using around 100w of power I think getting dense nugs could be a challenge. If you can get her outside whenever possible she will appreciate the sunlight. Either way it looks healthy, good luck
    600W MH
    2x innova 19w full spec led
    175cfm fan, can 33 filter
    8gal DIY reservoir/ hydro system


      I was also considering changing out the LED lights i have for CFL. But I've never used them, and was also worried about the extra heat.


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        It’s all a fine line of almost perfection. alltatup will hopefully chime in here, she is experienced with micro grows. I would suggest not letting her get very tall as you will not have the light penetration for the lower buds to fill out. I flowered with about 400w of Vipar led and found they just never got hard, you can still get some good smoke just don’t think you can get the same density as you do with high power. But I’m still new and learning every day so maybe if all other thinsg are just right you can.

      • alltatup
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        For me a micro grow means I don't let it veg very long because I don't have much head room. But I still haven't gotten what I originally wanted, which was a single phat cola per plant.

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