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12/12 how dark

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    12/12 how dark

    Hello GWE, I'm about two weeks from switch to 12/12 on my first grow. Growing 4 photos in a 5x5 tent, my question is how totally dark do I need for the 12 hrs of lights out?
    I Know no light pannels or LEDs in the tent. Nothing in the tent will be making light
    But my tent is a bit of a budget one. It has some light leaks on the zipper areas and on the seams and a few pin holes. Areas I can see pricks of light coming from inside.
    Will a few micro light leaks make a issue for me?

    If u keep the area around the tent dark u should be ok the darker the better a very minut amount of light wouldn't end ya.but the darker the better


      Duct tape or gorilla tape. It should be completely dark with lights out. Go inside and close the tent with lights out and the room bright as can be if you see light coming through try taping it up. Zippers can be harder if you need to open them. I've been told no light should come through. If the room is dark all the time I wouldn't worry too much but would tape up where I could see it coming in if I were you.

      Wise man say."Always someone who know more."


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        To even improve effectiveness of the tape use a reflective duct tape to not only prevent reducing the surface area of reflection (assuming your tent has reflective walls), but because they’re light proof from both sides of the tape.

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