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Beginner problems! Please help!

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    Beginner problems! Please help!

    So this is my first time trying this. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. I've got one og kush and one shiskaberry plant. I'm using fox farm happy frog potting soil which I thought was good for the whole grow cycle. I'm using a galaxyhydro 300w led. I just switch my light cycle a couple days ago to 12/12 I started germanating them in the beginning of Apr. I'm inside with 40-50% humidity levels and 70-75 air temp. I have also been feeding them on a feed water water basis which is what the nutrients I have calls for and my well water is around 6.5 on the pH level. I have the technaflora recipe for success nutrients kit. I've been trimming a little here and there just off of what I have gathered from the web for what leaves are wasting energy. If anybody could take a look at my pics and tell me what I'm doing wrong and what I could do better it would be greatly appreciated. I think I may have a nutrient burn problem going on with one if not both. Maybe you experts can help me!

    Does that success kit include any CaliMagic?
    ​​​​​​3 X 3 gorilla. Promix soil . Green Planet Nutes
    Mars Hydro
    Vortex in-line 6" fan


      No that one's not in there. It's root 66, sugar daddy, awesome blossoms, magical


      • DankwingDuck
        DankwingDuck commented
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        Magical is calmag.. FYI

      Looks like it could be nutrient burn on some of those leaves and others look like they are missing some calcium/magnesium. If you are using the nutrients at full strength that the company calls for that would explain the nutrient burn. Id start with 1/4th of what they call for and work your way up. I assume you dont have a ec/ppm meter. You need one and learn how to use it. Until then lower your nutrients.

      If you arent using a cal/mag supplement add one in.

      The soil is fine. Happy frog is not a hot soil compared to the ocean forest, so its not the soil causing the issue.


      • Sqweak12
        Sqweak12 commented
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        Ok cool! I use magical in with my other nutrients which is cal/mag. Should I still cut back to about a 1/4?

      Hey Sqweak12, your plants look fine to me, except the top newest growth, looks like it's getting bleached from your Led light, being a little to close.
      How far away is your light ? I've got one of those lights, and I bleached mine one time too.
      I do see a little tip burn, but not bad, you may want to cut down, a little on the nutrients.
      And when you use an Led, you are supposed to use cal-mag, for some reason, lol
      Your plants look fine to me.
      Cfls for a week or two
      315lec for everything else
      Dug up Ms.topsoil, with perlite added
      36x36x63 inch tent.
      6inch - exaust - intake fans an scrubber
      Smart pots


      • Sqweak12
        Sqweak12 commented
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        I've got my light about 18" away from the plant. And the nutrients I have I looked up the magical that I use is a cal/mag. I use the technaflora mixing chart.

      I would for sure lower the nutrients some. And watch the leaf tips.


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