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? About pH runoff collection

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    ? About pH runoff collection

    Got a quick ? About the pH runoff collection. I know this question probably sounds stupid but as I've took my runoff samples I at ti as get different readings. Now I use fiber POTS and as you that use these know the water will just run out the sides as you feed I allow the water to go through before I collect but should I collect the samples from say the middle of the pot or as long as it takes a bit to go through and it may co e out the lower sides of the pot, is this ok as long as the water does go through the soil or does it need to be collected from the middle so it has went directly through the soil. What would be the best reading or more accurate reading? Hope I explained that ok. Thanks.

    I only check the Ph prior to feeding or watering.

    I use fiber pots and pour so that the nute or water doesn't run out the sides. You can see the pot become damp as you pour.

    I only feed/water 1gal per 5gal pot so that the little bit of runoff that does occurs is absorbed back into the pot within a an hour.

    I I keep 20gal of RO water and SM90 areated. The pH ranges from 6.0-6.8 and when I add nutrients it is between 5.5 and 6.2.

    I stopped checking pH runoff when it was consistently 6.8.
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    My forever grow.

    2x400w MH/HPS (veg 6/2 /flower 12/12)

    100w t-5 (nursery)

    6"can fan and filter 480cfm max set to 240cfm exhausted outside.

    Blue Planet Nutrients Farmer's Pride Organic
    5gal. Eco Oganics pots.

    Coco soil and pearl

    Light cycle: 6/2 veg. 12/12 flower

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      Morning 426, that's another controversial topic, checking ph, runoff.
      Some say it's worthless,
      But in smart-pots, I water mine real,real slow, so it doesn't come out the sides of my pots.
      And if I do check run-off, I try to not use the first little bit that comes out, of the pots, I try to get it in the middle, of how much comes out.
      I don't even check anymore, I'm growing in living soil, from now on, with nothing added, but molasses and teas.And some Recharge.
      Cfls for a week or two
      315lec for everything else
      Dug up Ms.topsoil, with perlite added
      36x36x63 inch tent.
      6inch - exaust - intake fans an scrubber
      Smart pots


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        Remember that song by EricClapton, and Cream, called Crossroads? That's it.

      Thanks y'all


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