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Absolute beginner would love some feedback

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    Absolute beginner would love some feedback

    Hi everyone how’s it going. I was recently given a 3 foot tall plant(presumably in flowering stage) that I think is an indica. It looks like it’s in soil with some fertilizer, in a fabric pot. I have it in a 2x2x5 grow tent with 4x40 watt(800 lumens) cfls and a small fan on a 12 hour light schedule. For nutrients I have given it dyna gro liquid bloom twice(one teaspoon/water jug) in the week since it’s been in the tent My main concern is that some of the leaves are starting to “taco”. My pH reader says it’s between 6.5 and 7.5 and the air temp fluctuates a few degrees above and below 70. Any advice on how to change the set up and keep my plant would be greatly appreciated. This is my first grow and I was not prepared, but hey when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade

    OK! Was this like a baby on the doorstep type of thing?

    I am not sure it is soil and less sure it is "With fertilizer" Looks like Coco with perlite to me, could you take a better picture of the "soil".

    1tsp/jug is not a standard unit of measure. How big is the jug? Is that the only water you have given them?

    Sounds like you may be using a two-prong triple meter to test pH - These are useless! You only need be concerned about the pH of the water! You need to test and adjust the water! Using a kit like this:

    Taco'ing is likely a result of high EC (too much fertilizer in the water), but it doesn't look bad... in fact, I am not really sure I see what you are worried about.

    Make sure the 12 hours of dark are really totally dark!


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      Thank you BU2B That is very kind

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      Don't you think those CFL's are in no way going to cut it for flowering?

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      Well, I actually think CFL may be the only option in this tent. It doesn't look like there is more than 18" of clearance now, so LED, HPS, etc will not fit.
      But yes, more would be much better... Much more

    My friends coworkers brother( I know sounds like the beginning of every story ever) got arrested for something unrelated while growing, so he gave the plants to my friends coworker, who then gave a plant to my friend who thought to give to me as he couldn’t in his circumstances. But long story short I know basically nothing about the plant and my lack of experience makes it’s hard to tell what I’m working with, so I appreciate the feedback, I’ll be sure to get better pictures of the substrate, actual measurements of the jug I use, and better pictures of the leaves. The leave are almost closing like a taco, but only slightly, I may just be paranoid. But thanks again I really appreciate it


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      If they are closing like a taco you should give them some plain water. But the plant looks happy to me

      Yeah, I thought it was something like that... You found the right place and we will be happy to help you.

      There are some things you are going to need, what kind of budget are we working with? And what are your goals?

      How long have you had the plant? Is it growing vertically still?

    Hello Zookid, looks good to me, I sure don't see any tacoing leaves, but my eyes ain't that good.
    If she was mine I'd add a bunch more cfls, And then you you be good to go.
    I sure hope your friend is not into much trouble with the law.
    GoodLuck and Welcome to GWE.
    Cfls for a week or two
    315lec for everything else
    Dug up Ms.topsoil, with perlite added
    36x36x63 inch tent.
    6inch - exaust - intake fans an scrubber
    Smart pots


      Hi kid, welcome to the forum: You say it looks like an Indica; I'd have to say some kind of hybrid, because I see Sativa in her lanky structure as well. So she's mostlikely a hybrid.

      Go to GWE and read, read, read!!! If you want to grow some great bud, know what you're doing; but I warn you: growing is addicting!!!
      Anyone can grow schwag. If you want to grow top shelf bud, study hard:

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        Click image for larger version

Name:	BD61F862-0C96-4689-A719-F3CA79537AF9.jpeg
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Size:	1.97 MB
ID:	209003​ ​​​​​​​Hey Guys! thank you for the feed back, upon inspection my water jug is a little under a half gallon, and I’ve been watering every other day or so until there’s some run off from the pot. There doesn’t appear to be much vertical growth. I’ve had the plant for two weeks today and it has been in the tent for a week now. Any estimate on when she’ll be done would be great, but I realize that’s almost impossible to tell, but I figured I’d ask anyways. I don’t have set budget but I would like to spend less than $100 on more equipment, but that’s not set in stone. Also, this whole experience has me wanting to grow my ow plant from the seed. It’s legal for medical use where I live (Michigan) so I was wondering if you guys could point me in the right direction for seed suppliers. I also attached a picture of the substrate for possible ID and a picture of the lower level of the plant to ask if I should prune anything. Thanks again, you guys have been very helpful


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          Evening 239, that all looks fine to me, your gonna do fine.
          Seedsman Seeds is an excellent place to get seeds, takes about 14days for them to get here.
          You can order seeds from the USA, and receive them in 3-4days.

        Looks like a good soil mix. White stuff is perlite not fertilizer. You need to follow a nutrient schedule and adjust ph with a kit like I linked above.
        Probably 6-7 weeks until harvest.


          If I were in your shoes with a $100 budget for equipment, I would make more light a priority.

          DynaGro is a good nutrient line, fairly concentrated so until you can measure the EC I would scale it back to 1/2 tsp per gallon. I read a journal recently where it was stated 2 mls per gallon in soil is ideal. DynaGro is one of a few nutrient lines that design their 2 part Grow & Bloom formulas to work independently, both grow and bloom include all the Micro nutrients the plant needs. They also sell
          Pro-Tekt(Silica) and Mag-Pro(Magnesium/Sulfur). From what I’ve read, Grow and Bloom tend to be quite acidic but when used with Pro-Tekt the solution is balanced and remarkably stable.
          Sorry to ramble on about DynaGro, I am in no way affiliated with them, I’ve just done a bit of research with the thought of switching to DynaGro myself. Good luck!!
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