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    question about growing

    my medium is coco, led 900 watt lights. would 2 gallon sack container be acceptable for 1 auto plant?

    I'd go with 5 or 7 if you have room imo.

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    • DoctorJohnson
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      I agree with this. If you have the room, lots of room for roots is always good. (That said, people have grown amazingly big plants in tiny containers with automatic watering, but that's kind of a clever stunt. Lots of room for roots just makes sense.) My last grow was six gallons of coco in an air pot, and the roots filled the pot.
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      I do At least 3 up to 5 gal. If she really takes off your going to need the room or she will become root bound and have a very poor yield my .02 $


        I will actually say perhaps. It depends, but 2 gallons actually may be perfect. I suggest you read my guide. I address container size and the factors you need to consider. Mainly watering/fertigation frequency. In 2 gal you would have to be able to fertigate 5x per day in late bloom.
        Check out the guide. Link is in signature. I’m happy to answer other qs


        • Campesino
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          Becoming root bound is not a concern in fabric pots with coco. There is certainly adequate space for roots in even very small containers of coco. If you fertigate properly you can grow cannabis into virtual trees in 2 gallons of coco.

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