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The Source concentrate extractor: I'm improving my concentration!

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    very cool. I've been eyeing this machine but the price is hard to swing while having a guitar habit. I'm sure I can convince the Sig that it;s a good purchase.

    The bag, does this step just make the filtering process easy? or is there another benefit to doing this? I've seen folks use a big jar and fill it with bud, freeze it and shake it and filter it through coffee filters. Is this the same, yet more difficult thing?

    Also, do you have a tester?
    complete beginner
    39" x 39" x 78" tent
    315 Watt CMH
    4" Phat Filter w/ 4" Hurricane duct fan
    Automatic top feed into coco.
    Mega Crop nutes


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      Cronk The silk rosin bags are fantastic for filtering; they work a lot better than the hemp coffee filters I have, and they don't absorb liquid.
      I use 90 or 120 micron. I leave the bud in the bags while infusing, and then I have another bag that I hold at the bottom of the funnel when I filter and re-filter after removing the bags.

      Another trick for filtering is to reduce your tincture in the Source, but not all the way down. Put the concentrated tincture in the freezer and you'll see some solids sitting at the bottom of the jar the next day. (I think this light colored solid stuff is the epidermis of the trichomes.) I pull out the the tincture using a big syringe, leaving the solids at the bottom of the jar.

      This guy will teach you lots of great tricks for the Source:

      I don't have a tester.

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