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    Candy Kush grow

    So I was doing a grow journal but due to a few mishaps I had to abandon it. The advanced nutrients organic line was not producing well at all! And when I switched that to general hydro the plant boomed with growth withing a few days. But I lost my other plant due to a water leak in my DWC it could not have been dry for long but it was long enough. Now I have a plant from a buddy who is moving he got it from a clone and has had ot for a few months and the growth is less then what would be expected for the age and it's in suoersoil also. Just wanted to share a few pictures. The candy kush is massive and doesn't fit in my current tent however my new taller and wider tent will be here tomorrow so that should be okay but this plant is growing super fast and is breaking every time I have used so far to try and train this lady so in one picture you may see times that all they are doing is keeping the plant out of the light till I get my new tent. The new one will be a 3x3 and it will be a little more then 2 feet taller.
    Trying to keep her out of the light.... The little guy Skywalker OG just potted into a smaller pot to get it to fit. Thos is about 4 days ago she broke all her ties for training.
    1.5x3x5 virtual sun grow tent
    Oppolite 315 LEC
    4" 190 cft. Exhaust with carbon filter.
    1 candy kush express using general hydroponics and botanicare
    1 candy kush express using advanced nutriants iguana line.

    Both will be using hydrogaurd and botanicare sweet.

    grew a kandy kush auto 1 time and i liked it.


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