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Question regarding seeds

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    Question regarding seeds

    I'm totally in the dark that you need male pollen to produce seeds. However how do you end up with 1 seed in a quarter pound of bud? This is coming from legal producers so I thought they have the perfect environment? It happens once in a while and most times they are healthy seeds ad I have 4 going now.
    Just wondering how 1 seed gets produced on a entire plant?

    Probably a hermaphrodite. If you herm and get lucky they don't necessarily produce a lot of seeds.
    No doubt there were a few more. Here's usually produce more here's.
    GWE has good info on sexing etc.😊
    Indoor- Coco coir & Perlite - 5 gal Smart pots
    Veg-T5s Flower- Platinum LEDS
    GH Flora Trio Cali-mag, Terpinator Liquid Bloom
    photoperiod feminized seeds

    Testing for the_honeysticks genetics


      But these are coming from the Legal Producers (LP) in Ontario Canada? I figured the professionals produce with major cautions on having any males in warehouse size grow rooms? But on rare occasions just like I just had a few minutes ago a seed pops out. Unfortunately any seed I have found from the LP's never sprout. On-line companies I get seeds way more often and these are usually good seeds? Thanks for answer.


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        Gotta say it...shit happens.
        Then figure big Bud trimmers and then shake that Bud out for seed. Big growersvhavevissues too...Think they are all organic?
        Plants are actually superior to man in mhop..
        Go figure...Grow yours, get seeds from human error- self correct. At least if you get your own seed there is a Controll...Either you did it or you got Hermes seed s...Which is how I am looking at my own grow....As best I can
        Don't loose heart...Grow yourself 😊

      I am 4 days away from cutting my first indoor plant. At this time I start to flush my other girl flowering. Damn time slows when it's time to harvest lol. This seed came from OG kush from BC. 1 seed in a quater pound. The second is a bag seed? That's the one thing I always wonder from on-line sites is what they put as the name, is it what it really is? How can you actually know unless you get reputable seeds from a seed bank? I have 5 white widows from Rico that I am dying to germinate. However I want a second grow under my belt before I grow these. Maybe even a third. Learned a ton from first but there is way to much to learn from 1 grow lol. Thanks again.


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