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    Seed question

    So I have some fem. great white shark plants that got pollinated by a hermie plant. That mystery plant had bad genetics and hermied at 30 days flowering no matter what. So that pollen has given me a few seeds in the great white shark buds. That mystery shit was dank but hermie, are these seeds going to be worth saving or toss because of genetic Hermie pollen.
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    Ive heard when you get seeds in a Hermied plant you have a greater chance of getting a hermie in the one you grow from those seeds. Dont know if thats true or not.


      I wouldnt save them due to genetics.
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        Just for shits and giggles I would plant them and keep them separate from my *good* stuff.... That's if you have the room and nothing else planned for a while. At least you might end up with some B grade stuff to play around with for making butter, wax or something else.


          Howdy Smokesteve, I have grown two grows now using 'self pollenated' seeds from female plants, i.e., seeds from nanner'ed plants.None of the female plants produced real pollen sacks (like the ones that show up on a real male plant). The plants have all been female and, yes, they did produce more seeds (they nanner'ed as well as their 'parent' plant). Over all, they produced very good buds, but with fewer seeds than if they had been fertilized by a true male plant. I plan to, at a later date, plant some of the 'double hermied' seed just to see if the trait worsens or stays about the same.
          If You liked the characteristics of the original plant, I would say to save the seeds, plant them, and see how they turn out.
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            If seeds are caused by plant stressors that are not corrected- then the resultant seeds will grow fine in a good environment.

            I have a fellow grower who gets seeded bud and I'm happy to grow them out- with no issues under better conditions.

            It's easy to blame "bad genetics" but very hard to prove it.
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