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First Timer: Spots on Leaves

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    First Timer: Spots on Leaves

    Greetings all. First time grower here. Just did 2 seeds until I figure this out. Everything was going well until 2 days ago when spots formed on one of the two plants (2 different varieties if that matters). PH level is 6.7, and I used CaliMagic thinking it might be a deficiency. Using General Hydroponics at 1/2 strength.Replaced the water first time I saw the spots.

    Any advice would be appreciated. Afraid I am going to lose the plant.

    Looks like too high ph and overwatering


    • Deadhead91
      Deadhead91 commented
      Editing a comment Read this section it might help also you should be checking the runoff ph level if any runoff and I’ve read some plants like a little on the acidic side try maybe 6ph if your in soil

    Thanks, all. Will try lowering the PH. Appreciate the help.


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