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Is it a flower or a seed-sack?

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    Is it a flower or a seed-sack?

    Ok my growing friends this is my first time posting to this forum cuz I could really use some expert advice... So yesterday morning I found a seed (4th pic) on my biggest plant and this morning I hacked her (2nd pic) 7 weeks into flowering bc her beautiful hairs began falling out and a few of the buds turned into hardened grape-like seed pods(3rd pic). As if that didn't thoroughly discourage me, now I’m not sure if I’m just being paranoid or overly cautious to protect the remainder of my crop.. but I can’t decide if this second eldest plant; an autoflowering has been infected as well. Please give me any and all advice that will help me help my grow make it to harvest~thanks!

    A few seeds isn’t the end of the world. I’d guess 95% of the bud I smoked in the 90s had a couple seeds in it and it got me high just fine. Don’t worry so much about the seeds, if you see a banana you can remove it carefully, likely it’s already released it’s pollen by the time you see it though. I’d rather have some good smoke with a few seeds in it than no smoke at all though.
    48”x48”x80” flower/main tent
    600w mh/hps
    32”x32”x63” veg tent
    viparspectra PAR 450 led
    FFOF soil, Fox farms nutes, raw silica
    5 gallon Smart Pots
    Current grow Aurora Indica, Girl Scout Cookies, Wonder Woman (all Nirvana)
    Current grow progress:


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      funny u mention that I said the same to my kid..back in my day sensimilla was a rarity lol well thanks for the replies this is my 1st indoor grow and ur right I won't fret so much I mean really, with the genetics available today it's pretty hard to get a bad batch I just didn't want to see my other girls start popping seeds out too. And they all look fantastic today thanks to all the awesome stuff I learned right here

    I don't see any male parts or signs of a hermie. Like Locrian said... A few seeds shouldn't get you down. Pics 123 look like calyx. You should be fine.

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