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how much longer?

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    how much longer?

    these are my two plants a bag seed sativa
    and a northern lights auto
    two questions should i or do i need to use molasses
    and how far off do you guys and gals think it will be
    bag seed sativa NL Auto

    Have you researched the strains? The time frame could give you a better idea when to harvest. But checking on the trichomes is how to tell best. Looks like you still have a few weeks from the pistils but hard to tell in that light. Trich pictures would help. And molasses brings out the sugars in your buds so it wouldn't be a bad idea.
    Growing bag seeds from gorilla glue#4 x3 and 1 dutch treat
    5x7x7 grow tent
    4inch can fan exhaust 2 passive intakes
    100watt daylight led 90watt blue led flood light 2cfls @60watts for seedling and clones 1000watt mh wing hood veg 1000watt hps air cooled hood flower
    Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil and General Hydro Maxi Series nutes
    3galllon x1 and 7gallon x3 sprouted 12/11/2017.

    Wise man say."Always someone who know more."


    • Dutchman1
      Dutchman1 commented
      Editing a comment
      I agree.

    thanks ill try the molasses
    the bag seed trichs are mostly cloudy and from what i've read sativas dont always show amber
    so im thinking ill do the molasses and keep checking
    start the flush in a week or two


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