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High humidity problem

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    High humidity problem

    Hi all,
    I have been reading a lot the site and forum and it has been my favourite resource to educate myself on growing this wonderful planta, so thanks for the great help.

    Since beginning my research on this my focus hás always been on security and stealth. My equipment was chosen to focus on this and taking in account my climate: europe but Almost on equatorial line, so rather hot and humid.
    I have a 1x1x2m tent with a dimmable 600w ballast, air cooled hood, 5 inch Ruck extractor.

    ​​​​​​The problem is my current humidity: 60-90%
    Weather hás been very humid with rain, 70/95% outside. So I am thinking, what can I do to avoid problems de to high humidity? I have put in the same Room as the tent an old dehumidifier, I have defolliated, extractor running at full speed constante,... All with some results but nothing dramatic. I AM able to keep it at 65% maximum, os this enough to avoid problems?

    I'm on the 3rd week of flowering and really worried how this is going to Turn out afraid of losing my crop so looking for any input in this, please.

    That does sound too high for flowering. High humidity is one of those things that can be impossible to combat without the right equipment. Air conditioner or larger dehumidifier are the only reliable options I can think of. Keep as much air moving as possible always during times of elevated humidity. And remember the humidity of the air going in is your starting point it’s likely only going to go up from there. Do you bring air into the tent from outside or from the room the tent is in? Where does the exhaust go? I would exhaust to the outdoors and take air from the room the tent is in, use A/C and or dehumidifier in that room to bring down the RH of the intake.
    600W MH
    2x innova 19w full spec led
    175cfm fan, can 33 filter
    8gal DIY reservoir/ hydro system


      I know someone on here has had success in super humid conditions. Good air flow and fans can help keep mold and mildew away. Make sure your buds aren't touching each other and provide good air flow to keep them dry. Maybe invest in a better dehumidifier. I'm sure someone that's harvested in humid conditions will chime in.

      Wise man say."Always someone who know more."


        Howdy Islander78, depending on the size of Your grow area, a couple (or three) oscillating fans running 24/7 will help to keep the plants and buds drier. My grow room (a small walk-in closet) is approximately 96 cubic feet (2.718 cubic meters) and I have two eight inch Flippi Vornado fans running at low speed all of the time. The relative humidity here is usually in the low 30% to even 10%, but the humidity in the grow room can get up into the 60% range. the fans keep the air moving and helps to keep the moisture off of the leaves and buds. The plants like the air moving around them, stagnate air is perfect for the molds and rot to get started.
        Good luck with Your grow.
        Smoke weed,.....grow peace!


          Thanks for the input, it's really appreciated.

          Bluebudz, the air is going outside and intake is from the Room the tent is in, I thought it would work out verter that way. Strange enough, in this setup I AM able to lower marginally the humidity on the Room: 72% inside house to 67% inside the tent.

          Last couple weeks weather hás been uncommon around here: lote of rain, fog, humidity..... This following a christmas that resembled summer, go figure. Really hoping things get better from now on.

          This is my first indoor grow so no experience on growing on these conditions and looking to learn from this as much as possible.

          Now, to consider Investing in a dehumidifier is really the way to go? I was thinking an ac Unit would bem better? I was inserir the impression it also controls humidity?
          I have also very hot summers here so if needed it looks more convenient.
          Are portable ac decent?


          • Chefbjy
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            Yes an ac should help higher temps usually result in higher humidity.

          • DW2
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            If You could place a refrigerant type of window unit, in a window (or thru the wall) with the drain running outside, then set it to "recirculate" so that it is not bringing in outside humid air, it should lower the humidity in the room. The cooler the air, the less moisture it can hold. The "dew point" is what will cause the moisture to condense out and de-humidify the room, as well as controlling the temperature of the grow room.

          Thanks again for the help.
          1 question I forgot to ask earlier: I have a dimmable ballast and currently using at 400w. If I put it to 600w, how would that affect humidity? Would it get worse or better?

          Now, thankfully Weather has changed and currently at 55/60% which I think is manageable and not as worrying for the final flowering stage. 🙂



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