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Green/dark spots on rapid rooter and vinegar smell in tent. Seedling at 10 days old

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    Green/dark spots on rapid rooter and vinegar smell in tent. Seedling at 10 days old

    Thanks everybody for your help. 1st ever grow and here's a description of my setup

    3x3x6 grow tent
    Black Dog LED 2 200 at 38" from plants
    Recirculating DWC
    4 seedlings at 10 days old
    I was hand watering the seedling on day 1-4. Day 4-6 water pump was on only for 4-6 hours. Day 6-8 water pump was on for light hours only. For the last 2 days, top feed water pump on 24h/d
    Tent temperature at 83-85 with light, 75-77 no light
    Ceramic heater outside of tent by air intake to help maintain temperature
    RH at about 78%-82%
    Small humidifier inside of tent
    2 clip on fans
    Remo nutriments @ 30% strength of veg week 1.
    Using slightly hard tap water
    Water temp at 72-75
    PH started at 5.5 10 days ago and climbed gradually to 6.2
    Tent fan with carbon filter running at minimum setting

    In the last 2 days, I noticed a noticeable vinegar smell in the tent. It doesn't look like it's coming from the inside of my buckets or my water reservoir. My plants smell like a living green plant. I have no idea when the smell comes from. Also, I noticed some green/dark spots on my rapid rooter. I have no idea what it might be and could love some advice. Thank you very much
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    It's probably some type of bacteria. If it isn't causing a problem, it really isn't a problem. But of course there is always the chance it may be some thing that can kill the plants, hard to tell without a microscope and some knowledge of micro biology. You can probably kill most of it with some peroxide. Even the 3% over the counter stuff works. But it probably will return because you can't kill 100% of the bacteria. You can only hope to keep it contained. Another reason I always recommend coco. It's super resistant to pathogens.


      It's just a little algae..scrape it off and roll on... Also cut that rh back to about 45-60.. Your just begging that algae to grow


        Thank you for the advice. I will try to scrape it off, not sure how easy it will be on a porous surface, monitor the rooter and use some peroxide as well if needed. RH has been cut down to 45-60

        Any idea on the vinegar smell?


          Alright, I have some updates on my problems.

          Last night, I cut the RH. Overnight it was about 65% compared to 80-85% previously. When I opened the tent in the morning, most of the vinegar smell was gone. Only a slight smell if I was really looking for it. Tonight, RH has been cut done some more. It's down to about 57%.

          To get ride of the dark spots on the rooters, I decided to cut the top 3/16" on all my 4 rapid rooters. See images below. Same rooter, one picture with a flash, the other one without

          The possible mold/algae/bacteria grow has been removed without affecting my seedlings. I felt like a surgeon removing a tumor for a moment. Oh well, I can dream I guess. Should I add hydrogen peroxide straight to my rapid rooter to help kill a possible bacteria grow in the rooter? If so, should I sue the drug store 3% one or 30% food grade one? How about quality or dilution on the rooter?

          As a bonus, where's some picture of my seedling. This one my champion and just outgrow the other 3. She's just about to start her forth real node

          As a comparative, this one is marginally lagging with the others. Her 3rd true node is a good size

          I lowered my ceramic heater from 70 to 68 and slightly increase my inline fan power. I want to lower my tent temperature sitting at 85 with light and 77 no light as my reservoir temperature has increase to 76. I'm looking for bout 72-74 for rez temperature. I'm also using a 6w 4 outlets air pump for my 4 buckets and a 6w 4 outlet air pump for my reservoir.


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            Not sure about the question about adding the peroxide directly to the rooter, but if you do, I would only use the 3% stuff. 30% to me seems like a bit too much to drop on the roos themselves. The vinegar smell leads me to think it's "Wet Rot". It's something I deal with a lot in mushroom cultivation and probably the worst infection I can get. Not sure of the ramifications of getting wet rot with weed though. Thrichiderma is another nightmare in mushroom cultivation, but is extremely beneficial to marijuana cultivation, so it could go either way as far as beneficial, or harmful.

          I don't have DWC experience but most growers shoot for 65-70 water temp to protect against root rot. Also, make sure there are no light leaks into your buckets.
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