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New York City Sour Diesel Haze Auto grow report_ Chocolate Mint OG

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    New York City Sour Diesel Haze Auto grow report_ Chocolate Mint OG

    Strain: New York City sours Diesel Haze Auto

    Background: this grow was part of an experiment to see how different types of training would affect auto feminized plants.
    Would they get behind in the veg stage so they entered the flowering stage too early to maximize growth?
    Would it affect the overall time from seed to harvest?
    What effects would it have on productivity at harvest?

    Medium: coco (aeration), perlite, pumice, grow stones ( 2”grow stones in bottom), with 60% coco (aeration mix), 20% perlite and 10% pumice, 10% combined mix of worm castings & boiled rice hulls. This drains very well, so well that you need to make sure you replenish the nutrients with every watering, but I never have any issues with root rot or nutrient lockout.

    Nutrients: Advanced Nutrients Grow and Bloom part A & B for coco (PH perfect), with the addition of supplements (B52, Voodoo, Piranha, Water preparation_5 or 10 gallon container filled with tap water and let it set for 24 hrs or more until the chlorine gas has dissipated.

    Lights: Two Fluence VPPRx 320 watt lights. Extremely even, efficient and adjustable PPFD in a 3.5 x 6’ grow area.
    Security lighting: two 175 watt outdoor lights, daylight balanced, connected to a timer which is plugged into a UPS so if we lose our electric power then I have backup light source for over 8 hrs. Its not bright, but bright enough to keep the photoperiod stable.

    Hydro System: AIT, air injection technology. individual buckets with air injection pumps, similar to those used for hydro but they work with soil or similar mediums. i’ve used this system twice and it works best using a very porous medium because it provides more “pathways” for the air to travel up through to the surface. This system works best for my grow area/environment and personal schedule. We lose our electricity at least once a month so its a given the lighting schedule will be disrupted. Pumps will fail. Since each plant is in its own bucket with this system it is “closed”_ as long as the issue is restricted to that one plant_ like nutrient issues due to different genetics or tolerances.
    I don’t have to worry about concerns that more traditional hydro setups can experience if there is a loss of power or contamination of nutrient supply. The air pumps supply oxygen to each plant individually from the bottom up through the medium. If the pump(s) fail its ok, they do fine without the pumps because the medium drains very well yet holds moisture for days.

    Breeder_ Southern Oregon Seeds
    Seed to harvest_63-70 DAYS
    Height_1-3 FEET

    Background_ This was a very interesting grow. If I hadn’t planted these two seeds myself I would think they were two very different strains. It was a good example of how genetics can differ with the same parents_just like us. Some genes are expressed and some aren’t. That’s one thing I like about growing from seed. The structure of each plant was dramatic but the quality was the same. Same flavor, same high. These two plants also demonstrated how different the same strain can be if trained differently.

    The New York City Sour Diesel Haze #1 was planted on June 26th and harvested on September 15th. About a week or two later than expected.
    Structure _very Indica dominant and short_only 18”.
    Training included light LST only.
    Surprisingly this plant produced a little more than two oz’s of dried, cured bud, plus a lot of popcorn and sugar trim.

    The New York City Sour Diesel Haze #2 was an entirely different plant. It was planted on June 27th and harvested September 28th. 2-3 weeks longer than expected.
    Training_ this plant was FIMed above the 4th node and then LST. This plant could have benefited from more training. I had planed to Lollypop it but missed the window while out of town and then it was so far behind I didn’t want to do anything to slow it down so just went with what was.
    Harvest_ turned out to be a decent producer with 6 oz of dried cured bud.

    Observations_ this plant stalled out for almost two weeks after the FIM. But once it recovered it really took off and the flowering stretch it tripled in height. The FIM definitely set it behind schedule but it produced a lot more weight than the one that wasn’t.
    The #2 plant also exhibited much more sativa like structure.
    I’ve grown plants of the same strain under the same conditions and had plants that were different but nothing this dramatic.

    This strain has a fairly high THC content and not much CBD, The smoke is smooth, tasty and the high starts off gentle and then builds to a plane where it just levels off. Nice and vibrant it is great for getting stuff done and even physical activity. It also makes awesome dry ice hash and edibles. Not a good choice for rosin.
    Current grow_ coco based medium, Fluence LED lights, AIT, 5 gallon planters,
    liquid organic nutrients by Advance Nutrients and Vegamatrix. Strains_ Exodus Cheese (feminized), Meltdown (regular) and Caesar (regular).

    Great work! Thank you!
    600W MH
    2x innova 19w full spec led
    175cfm fan, can 33 filter
    8gal DIY reservoir/ hydro system


      Thanks, glad to do it, should have posted this a long time ago but just got too busy. After I get the rest of the previous grows posted then i'm going to post the present one_which I have photos from for the entire grow period. Cheers!
      Current grow_ coco based medium, Fluence LED lights, AIT, 5 gallon planters,
      liquid organic nutrients by Advance Nutrients and Vegamatrix. Strains_ Exodus Cheese (feminized), Meltdown (regular) and Caesar (regular).


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