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    Is time to harvest?

    what do you think are those yellow leaves signs not to wait any more and trim? This is 58 days flowering. Trichomes are around 50% milky. What do you think if wait one more week?
    Thank you

    What a beautiful plant congratulations. Yes you should wait until the most amount of cloudy just when amber begins to appear


      The smell must be extremely pungent under that LED!

      I think those "yellow leaves" are where your light is cooking your buds and burning off all the thc and trichomes. Try raising your light another 2 feet and turning it down to 8hr on/ 16hr off for a week or perhaps two and you will get a bunch more trichomes and she will finish up with some potency.

      Your plant is trying to survive and make nice bids and she has vigor still, good job there. The light is too close is really the main problem.

      Growing Love


        Thank you for your help.
        Yes light could be to close 1,5 feet (400 HPS).
        Ok why do you think to start with 8/16 period - why is better 8/16 like 12/12?
        Is some terminal signs to start harvest earlier because of "too much" yellow leaves or others signs?


        • KingKush
          KingKush commented
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          You are using a 400w HPS bulb? It looks like a little too close either way. I think your plant looks well grown except for a little too much light in the top and middle of the plant. Raise it up another 18inches. A 400w light can cover a 3x3 ft area easily.

          I said less than 12hrs of light to make a recovery: I see plenty of stored energy in your leaves and plant. She's not done yet but you gotta get her out of the blistering day time desert she is used to surviving. Give her a few weeks of mild sun to think winter is coming and fall has ended. Think "October" It will send her straight to harvest mode.

          It's a good looking plant just a tad bit burnt on the tops but you will be fine if you stop it from cooking more.

        • stric
          stric commented
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          Thank you =)

        nice finish, enjoy.


          I was looking around web and I found out that this can be because of lower temperature (last 2 week of flowering). Girl was at night at around 10 degrees Celsius.... from 3:20 further.


          • 9fingerleafs
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            makes sense, if you are sure the light is not too close then i wouldnt worry about the color.

          • D.A.A.S.69
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            Morning stric, I've grown plants that it's leaves on top turned that color, and it wasn't light burn either,
            12inches away, is where your 400watt hps needs to be according to Nebula.
            Beautiful plant, by the way.and that is not light burn,

          What strain is that? Looks beautiful


          • stric
            stric commented
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            sorry I don't know =)

          I agree. That looks fantastic.


            Yeah that’s an awesome looking plant! Good job! How’s she doin today?
            600W MH
            2x innova 19w full spec led
            175cfm fan, can 33 filter
            8gal DIY reservoir/ hydro system


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