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Can you make you own flora additive for flavor

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    Can you make you own flora additive for flavor

    Can you make your own flavor to add to water when in flowering stage? I would like to try blueberries by blending and filter then add some when using just water. Would this work or would it hurt my babies?

    General hydroponics sells good sugar additives some people use molasses. It's the sugars that give flavor and aroma. I like all natural myself so just using gh flora series flora nectar. But someone else may have expiremented with this before. I don't think it will give you the outcome you're looking for though.

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      Thank you. I have heard of molasses so that's what made me think of blueberries? I guess if I want a blueberry taste then I need to get that strain. 😎


        I used some agave syrup from the baking section last fall on a plant, and I swear it was the best tasting weed I have smoked. Unfortunately only one of that strain, so no control group was possible.
        Organic Soil,
        with molasses,
        In a Greenhouse with,
        Redneck engineering.


          Doesn't botanicare have flavor finishers? The sweet line I do believe
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