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Female Seeds....Auto Speed Bud.......anyone grow this??

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    Female Seeds....Auto Speed Bud.......anyone grow this??

    I'm at week 7 growing this Auto Speed Bud by Female Seeds. It is in week 7, 20/4 light schedule, growing nicely flowers....nothing, not even pre-flowers, but no nanners.

    I started 2 different Autos at the same time and they are in full flower...great looking buds forming.

    I'm wondering if this is a photo period plant by mistake...genetic or human caused.

    I'll give it until the end of this week, then I'll switch to 12/12 lighting and see if starts to flower.

    Anyone have any experience with Auto Speed Buds by Female Seeds.

    You do got a little burn on the edges, maybe light burn or not enough nitrogen but you should try 18/6 to see if it helps for this week and then down to 12/12 as to not shock the plant, some plants need a little more darkness to produce buds faster could be a stress from not enough darkness.
    I've read somewhere that plants produce the flowering hormone in the dark even autos need a little dark I think


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