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Plant problem numero uno

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    HELP! Plant problem numero uno

    Ok, this is my first grow ever and it is indoors in a 2x2x5 grow tent under 4 6500K CFL's and 1 75W plant bulb putting out blue light. They're about a month and a half old. Today I really noticed the issues you see in the pictures. I read and thought at first that it was nitrogen deficiency so when it was time to water which happened to be today, I added nutrients to the water. Then I read some more on GWE and saw it could be nutrient BURN but a had already added the water with nutes I it....what do I do? What if I misdiagnosed the problem and hurt the girls?
    Keep in mind that this plant had snapped in half several days ago and is mostly healed. Plant 2, doing well with lst and receiving all the same as previous plant.

    Hey pepper. First of all it does look like it could use some nitrogen and some calcium but not too bad. You did well feeding her. It would help a picture of the whole plant cause using CFLs the light intensity down the canopy can be pretty low so it’s common that the plant uses energy and resources from the bottom leaves into the top leaves. If this is the case only the lower most shaded leaves will die off and you have nothing to worry about. Just clean up dead leaves to avoid pests
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      Well I've been doing LST for just that reason and have opened up all lower leaves and new growth to light...I guess we'll just see how it goes. Thanks for the info!

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