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How did i do on first grow

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    How did i do on first grow

    Hey all..... In the 7th week of flower of my first grow .... Not sure what's a good finish or not ..... Both girls looking good...... Liberty haze and white widow..... Thinking liberty will be done sooner than Mrs.Widow......what you all think??

    Beautiful plants, Well done!
    Coco/Perlite with High Frequency Auto-Fertigation
    4x4 Tent, 2@ Viparspectra 450 Reflector Series LEDs
    GH Nutes including: Flora Trio, CALiMAGic, Rapid Start, Armor SI, Liquid KoolBloom, and Diamond Nectar. Also: SM-90 and H2O2

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      You seem to be doing excelent X. Big fat stack colas and they’ll only get fatter in the next couple of weeks.
      current grow CFL Scrog


        Nice job 2012, yes ,they are gonna get even larger.,
        Cfls for a week or two
        315lec for everything else
        Dug up Ms.topsoil, with perlite added
        36x36x63 inch tent.
        6inch - exaust - intake fans an scrubber
        Smart pots


          Beautiful plants, X! I love growing WW: she's a generous strain!!
          Growing since 7-21-2016
          Joined GWE: 10-31-2016

          2 DWC grow boxes
          Stay tuned for next grow coming later this month!!


            Nice and healthy great looking flowers. You may have a green thumb.


            Wise man say."Always someone who know more."


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