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HELP- AUTO FLOWER INQUIRY -what's the best?

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    HELP- AUTO FLOWER INQUIRY -what's the best?

    I dont know as much about strains other than what I read and would prefer your first hand knowledge about which auto strains are most efficient and hearty as well as the yields and quality.

    Which strain ?
    What did it respond well to or not ?
    How was the potency and final yield ?
    What was your veg & flower NPK?

    I want to make an informed purchase. I'm primarily interested in indica cross breeds.

    Thanks for your help.
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    Fast buds ....has an excellent selection and high thc


      Dutch Passion has some good strains I've been looking at. They have some time lapse videos on YouTube of their auto strains.


        Try white widow auto, my first grow. Got to a nice medium-sized plant, about 8 main colas (it was topped just once), and yielded about 4 ounces of really great weed, relaxing and mellow. I used the GH nutes including cal-mag, following the PDF schedule found on GWE. And lots of CFL wattage (approximately 500 watts, though I've bumped that up in further grows). You'll find something good I'm those autos! 😊
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          Thanks for the info. I can't wait to try some out.

        I grew some Jock Horror auto's. I liked it very much. It was my first grow using coco coir. Here is a link to Nirvana Seeds Page (no, I'm not an affiliate for them):

        Autoflowering feminized Jock Horror seeds produce a high-yielding crop that starts forming buds shortly after vegetative growth and can be harvested throughout its life cycle.

        Jock Horror is considered a White strain, it is high quality marijuana and can be classed as medicinal marijuana.

        Enjoy a unique fresh flavour with Jock Horror but remember this strain packs a punch when smoked so smoke with caution ;-).

        Jock Horror continues to be very popular among serious growers and is an all-time favourite with the Nirvana Seeds gang.

        Plant Type – Predominantly Sativa
        Cultivation – Indoor (also Outdoor for autoflower)
        Plant Height – Tall
        Effect – High (Head Trip, Cerebral Effect)
        Flavor – Fruity, Herbal
        Average Yield – 350 – 450 g/mΒ² in SOG (200 – 300 g/mΒ² in for autoflower)
        Flowering Period – 9 – 11 weeks (7 – 9 for autoflower)
        Medical Use – Yes

        Jock Horror seeds are available in regular, feminized and autoflowering forms.
        Fast Buds GSC & Green Crack Auto's

        4x4x6 - 7-gal Smart Pots - Coco/Perlite - 4 300w LED's - Flora Trio + CalMag

        Bloom: 4x4x6 - 7-gal Smart Pots - Coco/Perlite - 4 300w LEDs - Flora Trio + CalMag & Superbloom

        β€œβ€¦marijuana is one of the safest, therapeutically active substances known to man.” – Judge Francis Young (DEA)


        • Lotusyde
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          Yeah I've been seeing a bunch of people recommend nirvana on here. That's a good sign. Thanks for the feedback

        My favorite auto strain I've grown is either Critical Jack Auto or Sour Diesel Auto from Dinafem. The Critical Jack was really potent and the buds also came out pretty with lots of colors, and smelled uniquely sweet and spicy. The Sour Diesel may have been even more potent as far as effects (probably the strongest auto I've smoked), but the buds stayed green and smelled like a regular Sour Diesel plant They each yielded a little over 2 ounces out of 4 plants under a 250W HPS.


        • Lotusyde
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          My fiancee loves the sound of sour diesel auto, I'm also thinking of blue dream auto or auto pounder with cheese. Thanks for the informative feedback. Every nug of wisdom is appreciated.

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