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Burnt a top with cfl! Help!

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    Burnt a top with cfl! Help!

    My work schedule is a bit crazy so I'm two days late posing this). Ok so this past Saturday (the day before I switched to flower) I got off of work came home opened my tent and noticed that one of my top had grown right up against one of the 100w cfls that was above it. (I keep them around 1.5inches away, they run just on the brink of heat to where I can hold the bulb). Anyways I pulled the cfl away in a panick and noticed that it had actually burnt the very tip of the one top. I'm wondering if this top I completely screwed and I should cut it off to prevent further waste of energy. Or should I leave it be and let it recover (if it will)? Today is Tuesday so it is only two days into flower, I've got a little under 8 weeks to go.

    Current setup: 2x2x5 tent with 5x 105w cfl bulbs (2700k). Currently have a fan circulating air in the tent, as well as vent flaps open, and I had a 6inch exhaust fan going.

    Nutes: fox farm trio ( with ff medium)
    strain: OG Kush

    DO absolutely nothing. The moment you separate it from the bulb the recuperation began and it will be fine


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      Ya, it will adapt. Since its a CFL the damage will be more localized.

    ( website won't let me post pictures ill try again soon)


      I am new first time grower, my work has weird hours, I use cfl lights, I'm transition phase on my first, l burn my top leaves, if you look close enough at the photo I posted, but I had fast growing spert, so I raised mind to 4 inches away, but on the other hand , you have good people on this site that will help lot better than I can


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