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Completely new grower, with a few questions!

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    Completely new grower, with a few questions!

    Hello! As the title suggests I'm completely new to this but I've put in quite a few hours into the reading material provided. As a result I'm left with some questions, any help would be greatly appreciated.

    My setup: 120/120/200(cm) grow tent, VIPARSPECTRA 900W-R900 light, 3.1m³(Meter-Cubed) per minute extractor and activated carbon filter, Coco Coir & Perlite mix, General Hydroponics nutrient regimen, temperature & humidity sensor, small-greenhouse heater.

    Q1, Premix nutrients for the week, or every day?
    Q2, How much water per watering?
    Q3, Appropriate PPM for tap-water?
    Q4, LED VEG/BLOOM always on, or seperate?
    Q5, Misting plants?
    Q6, What temp/Humid at what cycle?
    Q7, Plants per square footage?
    Q8, realistic expectations for yields.

    Question 1: I read on the GWE main site that a Coco Coir nutrient regimen should include x% of nutes per amount of water per week, but with additional reading it said that Coco Coir should be watered at least ONCE a day, maybe more and should include "clean" (nutrient-free) water in-between every nutrient water. Does that mean that I should create a reservoir of water at the beginning of the week, ensuring proper PH/PPM/Temperature and then use that for the waters? OR create new nutrient solution every day (Say I water twice a day, one clean and one Nutrient)? Also leading onto...

    Question 2: Is there an equation for determining the amount of water needed per watering? Say one that takes into account pot (smart-pot) size (7-Gallons), Plant size, Stage-Of-Life ect. I read to water until 10-20% runoff, but how would you determine that amount of nutrient solution needed? According to the nutrient schedule there is a % concentration of nutrients per set amount of water, say 1.4ml(Quarter tea-spoon) per 3.79 liters, for that concentration to stay within prescribed levels I would need to know the exact amount of water for a weekly watering cycle.

    Question 3:At what base PPM should I consider using a Cal/Mag supplement? My tap water is ≈220PPM, which is around the appropriate range from what I've read, but I was also considering supplementing my tap water with R/O water, in a 50-50, by weight, ratio. I live in a rural area, with a lot of chalk. Thoughts?

    Question 4: I've bought the VIPARSPECTRA 900W-R900 full spectrum model. I've been reading into the two different lighting options available, Veg/Bloom. I've noticed conflicting reports on whether or not to use them both for the entire grow, or VEG for VEG, and VEG&BLOOM for Flowering. I've not tested power draw but I don't imagine half the lights (Veg only) would draw the same load (400w from the wall) than both options being on and to that end I've read that at lower Watts Power is Power, as to say, it doesn't matter so much the wavelength of the light but rather the intensity (for smaller grows). If anyone has any experience, I'd appreciate it.

    Question 5: Should I be "Misting" my plants? That is, using a water spritzer and PH balanced water to gives the leaves/stems a thin coating of water in-between watering.

    Question 6: Humidity and temperature control. What humidity/temperature should my plants be kept at during each stage of their life? I've also read some conflicting reports, although it seems more of a spectrum instead of an exact specification.

    Question 7: How many plants for you think I could fit in (Comfortably and without hindering growth) the tent of my size?

    Question 8: I'm trying to hit 0.7grams per True Watt at the end of a 4-month grow cycle. Do you think that's an appropriate estimate for a new, but enthusiastic and obsessed grower?

    ...and thank you for taking the time to read this post!

    All ur questions have thier own tutorials on this site that can explain un better detail then we can basically yeah run both switches veg cycle stay about 60% humidity at 80 to 85 degrees 18 hrs light 6 hrs dark flower i start my humidity at 50 and bring it down about 5 % a week as low as it'll go by the end of flower temp at about 72 to 78 l with lights on 68 to 72 with lights out start at 1/4 strength nutrients and work ur way up i do soil not coco so can't help u there if i was u id focus on a successful harvest with no expectations for yield you'll be happier just focus on growing a quality product


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      I agree that I have a lot more reading to do. Thanks for the advice, especially the part about yield expectations I agree I was a tad overzealous

    I don't think the tutorials on GWE tell you to water coco every day.
    The amount of water to use for a watering is the amount you need to get a minimum of 20% runoff
    In coco use CalMag with every drop of water that goes into the pot. With a special heavy dose when you rinse the coco in preparation for use.
    When in doubt use more light
    Sure you can foliar mist the plants
    Temperature in the 70's F, with humidity about 60 in veg and 50 in flower
    Four plants
    If you get .7 grams on your first grow, good for you, you are a natural, and you get more than I do.

    This is like flying a airplane. You can study and know the answer to every possible question, but that doesn't mean you will be able to get in the plane and have a smooth flight without some experience. You have the right questions in many instances, but there is only one way to get experience. Be patient and enjoy learning from your plants.

    JR83 gave you some great advice about the tutorials on GWE. The tutorials are guidelines that need to be adjusted for your local conditions.
    completed 7 grows
    what I have learned so far:
    environment maters more than nutrients
    at least a dab of nutrients in every watering
    effective flushing before harvest is critical to quality


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      Morning NG, welcome, good advice above, there's different ways to water coco, some water every day, some wait 2-3 days before watering. Figure out what works for you, cause that's gonna be the hardest part for a new grower is watering. Do not overwater your seedlings. Good Luck your gonna have fun, I promise, read Nebulas tutorials, especially before taking someone's advice.

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      No I actually got that figure "At least once per day" from a series of youtube videos, I try to get information from multiple sources but it can be overwhelming when learning a new subject.

      Thanks for the topical advice, as well as the life advice on learning from doing. Cheers pal!

    I am running a fairly similar set-up.
    You can see my journal:
    I will let you know how I handle the things you asked about.
    Q1-3: I water everyday before lights come on. I have 6x 7-Gallon fabric bags with Coco-Perlite. I water about 1.5 gallons total (quart per plant). That produces about 1 quart drain-off. I use Costco bottled water (about 50 cents per gallon) It starts at about 6.8 and is easy to adjust. I mix either 2 gallons or 1 gallon every day, depending on whether I have a half gallon left over. Nutrients following Nebula's GH Flora series schedule every other day. Cal-Mag in water on non-Nut days.
    Q4: I have 2 Viparspectra 450 Reflector series. I ran Veg only until one week before flip to 12/12. Am very happy with results.
    I'd refer you to the tutorials for the rest.
    Hope this helps!


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      It does help, thanks!

      I was considering using bottled water, or a Mix of Tap/RO/bottled water but I'm unsure. I have a TDS pen but I'm still learning how to interpret what it's telling me. I'll get there.

      Truth be told the whole "Watering till run-off" concept is a tad daunting. It defies my way of operating which is pre-plan until every eventuality is accounted for. But needs must!

    • Campesino
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      I think you might be surprised at how quickly run-off occurs! Especially with daily watering.
      TDS is not PPM and I don't think TDS is particularly relevant in most cases. That said, I do not monitor PPM, so get advice from others there.
      I have found watering to be easier than I thought. I initially carefully monitored each plant and worked to get a precise amount of run-off. I tracked water usage and quickly realized I was averaging 1.5 gallons per watering. So now I just prep and give them that much. That has stayed surprisingly consistent through-out grow so far, but drain-off is now shrinking so I may up watering a little. I think it is helpful that all my plants drain to a common collection saucer. I can see which is draining and gauge overall run-off pretty easily. I have felt at times like I am really testing the hypothesis that over-watering is not possible with the right blend of Coco-Perlite - the hypothesis is holding up! My plants have always been happy and never shown signs of water stress one way or the other. That IMO is one of the best parts of Coco.

    Q1, Premix nutrients for each feeding
    Q2, Around 1.5 to 2 gallons for 7 gal. Pot
    Q3, PPM 235
    Q4, Im not a Led guy
    Q5, negative
    Q6, 70 to 80f/50% veg. 65 to 72f/ 30% flower
    Q7, 1 plant to 3 sqft.
    Q8, 2 to 4oz per plant.
    Last edited by Mr.furley; 01-13-2018, 08:57 PM.
    New guy 420 seeds.
    Revolution (1) regular .
    G13 x Haze (2) feminized.
    mystery (1)

    To cut or not to cut, that is the question.


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      Thanks man!

      I agree, I think I will make fresh nutrient solution every-time.
      The amount per pot is respective to the mix, is the answer I'm getting so it's a lot of trial & error I think.
      I think the hardest thing for me is going to be temperature control, I live in quite a cold area and getting up to temperature is going to be a struggle. But it'll all figure itself out!

    • Mr.furley
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      Glad to help,dont be afraid to mix things like SI, or molasses overnight to get it to dissolve fully . I use this inexpensive climate control unit and have no complaints.

    So I have a follow-up question and I really do appreciate you lads taking the time to reply rest assured I am heeding the advice given. The question I have, I think is more educated, is related to my previous Q1/Q2 questions.

    I'm going to follow the Nutrient schedule in the Coco Coir growing tutorial on GWE.

    Hypothetical context:
    One plant. Watered four times a week in the following format: Nutrient Water, Clean Water, Nutrient Water, Clean Water. For ease, uses 1 US Gallon each time it's watered.
    Does the schedule (0.25tsp Flora Micro. 0.125tsp Flora Gro. 0.125tsp FloraBloom. 1tsp Cal/Mag per 1 US Gallon, Week 1) use the TOTAL week's use of water (4 US Gallons) or the Nutrient solution's amount of water (2 US Gallons)?

    Option 1(4 US Gallons): 1tsp Flora Micro. 0.5tsp Flora Gro. 0.5tsp FloraBloom 4tsp's Cal/Mag(total). 0.5tsp Flora Micro. 0.25tsp Flora Gro. 0.25tsp FloraBloom. 1tsp Cal/Mag(Per Nutrient solution watering)
    Option 2(2 US Gallons): 0.5tsp Flora Micro. 0.25tsp Flora Gro. 0.25tsp FloraBloom. 2tsp Cal/Mag(Total). 0.25tsp Flora Micro. 0.125tsp Flora Gro. 0.125tsp FloraBloom. 1tsp Cal/Mag(Per Nutrient solution watering)


    • Campesino
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      The nutrient ratios are for the amount of water being mixed with nutrients. So "Option 2" if I am following correctly. I would still put Calmag in the 2 "clean" gallons

    • NewbieGrower
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      Okay grand, cheers!

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