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A light topic- has anyone ever..

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    A light topic- has anyone ever..

    Has anyone ever reduced their flowering light schedule down from 12on/12off to 10-11 hours on / 13-14 off??

    I'm curious if there was any significantly beneficial change to the hormones therefore producing richer flowers?

    Why / why not?

    Experienced opinio​​ns welcome!!

    No's supposed to quicken the flower stage tho


      You need a minimum of 12 hours off to induce the flowering stage, other than that you want the maximum amount of light possible on the plants.

      Reducing the schedule further would limit the light which is essentially food for the plants so therefore limit the plants growth potential.


        With some strains it is recommended and often quicken flowering time for slower sativas...very common practice...


        • Green75
          Green75 commented
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          You change it later in flower...not from beginning

        • 9fingerleafs
          9fingerleafs commented
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          Just like green said. Pure sativas need help finishing flowering. I've had sativas outdoor that just never got ripen. The buds where fluffy and airy. Later on I found out than even when the tricomes keep developing. The buds didn't. Until the "end of winter" near the Ecuador that has less than 12 hours of light

        It's probably worth looking into during the last week when you've decided to let it go one more week to reduce the light from 12-10-8-4-0 leave lights off for 36 hrs and cut on the 7th day if you catch what I'm saying


        • kingfish
          kingfish commented
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          I wouldn't want to take the chance for it to Hermie. Not a good idea to mess with the light schedule this late in flowering. I do leave them in the dark the last 36 hours before harvest. I may be totally full of shite thinking this way. But I'm famous for that. So.....

        • Chemichael
          Chemichael commented
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          that was my thought- hearing this before- figuring why not step down to darkness, like simulate the last month of a grow cycle in a week . ( again making shit up like I am famous for also but thats what grow-theory-crafting is all about )

        For the last two weeks, we changed our light cycle to 13 hours of dark, 11 hours of light. We were on a tight schedule and thought it might speed things up a bit. That was our first grow so I have nothing to compare to. I just know that I had heard, whether fact or fiction, that it does work.


          I've brought this up in the past: DJ short, creator of blueberry and Flo encourages people to utilize an 11/13 cycle.

          Check out an interview he did with herbin farmer.


          • Tika
            Tika commented
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            Although staying my course with lights going to the link
            Thank you for posting it Royal.

          Nugs, thanks for the link. I watched and then went to eBay and bought book. Got only two hits on eBay. One from Germany and one from Ireland. No U.S. hits at all, although it could be a banned item to list in the U.S. I probably don't need the book, D J even said that in the video since their is so much info on the internet, but I thought it would cool to own. I like to collect off beat books.


            DJ is the most articulate, intelligent breeder out there IMO. When he talks, I listen.

            Im gonna try the 11/13 someday soon. I won't have anything to compare though... I'd have to do a side by side and I don't have the resources for that. At least it should cut down on electricity and possibly flowering time.

            Im not sold on the more yield than 12/12 but I know plants don't stop growing because it's dark. I think it's just the opposite given the right conditions.


              Thanks for all the solid nugs of wisdom guys. But next time I'll do an experiment side by side and document my findings. I love you people, it's awesome being able to brain storm and pick your brains for wisdom and opinions.

              For now I'll just stick to the good ole 12/12. I'll go with the golden rule of not trying to fix things that aren't broken.


              • Royal Nugs
                Royal Nugs commented
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                Amen to that!

              I've wondered about messing with the lights too. My hydro guy does not like the last day or two in darkness..his opinion is that they can still hermi from shock but I can't see how seeds would form in 2 days. I'm hanging with Lotus..staying the course.
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                If my ladies are just not fishing all the way after breeder recommended time period i will switch to 11/13 and then after a week go to 10/14 but only in the last weeks of flowering.


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