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75 Days old - 38 day in flowering

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    75 Days old - 38 day in flowering

    Hello my dear friends and growers .. I wish you had great Christmas and also I wish all the best to all people as the new year's knocking the door I wish a healthy and successful 2018 thats all matters for me..

    ​​​​​​so here are my girls , they are 38 in flowering , I am very happy with my effort so far as a first time grower ..
    5gallon air pot
    2x granddaddy purple FEM
    1x Lemon Skunk FEM
    both strains came from msnl
    hps 600 Philips

    whats your opinion about those flowers..
    let me know
    thanks to all
    happy new year's eve

    About the icon .. react like you never saw it .. im pothead


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