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Anxiety and Paronoia.

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    Anxiety and Paronoia.

    Already thinking about 2nd grow and am looking for an auto flowering strain that doesn’t give me the paranoia and to an extent anxiety that I get immediately afterward with a high THC weed. Also in a grow now, just started flowering. Milky tricomes, mix of milky and amber or let her go further to Amber, what stage in flowering leads to a product with less paranoia and the anxiety? Blue Cheese and Northern Lights. Thanks
    2 x 4 x 5 grow tent
    Coco Loco
    3plants, 3 gal pots
    Attic grow, fighting low humidity and low temps
    600 w Morsen led and viparspetra 300 w led
    GH nutes w/Cal Mag.
    1 dinefam Blue Cheese, 2 seedsman Northern Lights. Fems

    You're already on the right track. In my opinion and experience that heavier amber is very calming and relaxing - 20% and I think your anxiety and paranoia will be gone.
    I like big buds and I can not lie.

    Somango XXL (3 gal)
    Blue Mystic (7 gal)
    VIPARSPECTRA 450W LED Grow Light
    Coco Coir w/30% perlite
    Fox Farms Nutrients plus Cal-Mag Plus


      Hello SY, I'm with MrFurley, I let my last auto go to at least 50percent amber, last week ,now we don't need the Zanax no more.
      Cfls for a week or two
      315lec for everything else
      Dug up Ms.topsoil, with perlite added
      36x36x63 inch tent.
      6inch - exaust - intake fans an scrubber
      Smart pots


      • Mr.furley
        Mr.furley commented
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        I'm with you too Daas!

      Check out a thread I started - Are you happy with your seeds? - lots of good info about autoflowers by the growers on this forum.
      Personally I would purchase any autoflower by Humboldt Seed Company
      ​​​​​​3 X 3 gorilla. Promix soil . Green Planet Nutes
      Mars Hydro
      Vortex in-line 6" fan


        I don't know anything about growing weed but have done a lot of research on this subject. I'd go over to Seedsman and use their filters to find your best options.

        Mid range THC
        High CBD

        find the ones that look good for you to grow

        then try to find the results on Leafly to see if there is information and reviews. Sometimes strains from seed banks match up to what's been put up at Leafly and it's really helpful..

        I got myself White Widow Fem Auto and Industrial Plant Fem Autoflowering CBD

        The THC on those is pretty low compared to what's popular but I got a few higher strain autos too. High CBD combined with THC will take the anxiety out of your high, the two things work together.

        I'm growing candida CD-1 photo right now along with a higher thc plant so I can mix them. Candida has very little thc.

        complete beginner
        39" x 39" x 78" tent
        315 Watt CMH
        4" Phat Filter w/ 4" Hurricane duct fan
        Automatic top feed into coco.
        Mega Crop nutes


        • Dutchman1
          Dutchman1 commented
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          Ive had great results with Painkiller XL from seedsman for pain relief and very little Psychoactive effects.

        • SheikYerbouti
          SheikYerbouti commented
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          Cronk Pineapple Express Auto Flowering Feminised Seeds, White Widow Auto CBD Feminised Seeds, Kush Van Stitch Autoflowering Feminised Seeds. 3 strains that I’m looking at.

        • Cronk
          Cronk commented
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          totally missed Painkiller XL. seems like a good possibility to grow along with Candida.

        Wow, a lot of great info. My wife can't smoke the high THC cannabis cause she starts getting nervous and can't sleep. Now I grow her a high CBD strain, make infused oil, dry vapes and loves it. Searching for strains is one my favorite things to do in this hobby.


          20% + amber on our plants almost to the point starvation on our outdoor plants photos near harvest. Last month of growth we just well water/molasses force them to use everything in plants system long dryout in container till stalks are almost yellow light green. Good slow cure. Strains we use are indica dominant this has worked for us.


            Hey, I'll chime in on this. I get very strange and paranoid (anxiety) when I smoke high THC strains. I've suffer from anxiety and depression my entire life, often time sometime debilitating with panic attacks. I started using cannabis to help me with this and It's helped a huge amount. I can honestly say I'm a different, much improved person.

            I grew Candida CD-1 for my first crop along with Jack Herrer. I will use the CD-1 in oil form or smoke and that works great by itself for depression and anxiety. Often I will add in a tiny amount of Jack Herrer when I smoke. Just a few grains of it from my weed grinder. I find this mixes with the CBD of the CD-1 and helps with my depression and anxiety. It give me a noticeable mood boost and calms my negative thoughts to the point of me not listening or reacting to them. It also slowly over time has helped me get used to THC in little amounts to where I notice the normal paranoia that I experience is not there nearly as much. If I do feel it I can have some mre CBD in some form and it will take away some of the THC effect and calm me down.

            Now I can benefit from the THC/CBD mix without the associated paranoia/anxiety and I can truly relax and feel lifted. It;s helped me with my depression so greatly and social anxiety that I'm living a much fuller life.

            Any CBD strain with less than 2% THC is what you want CBD as high as you can get, over 15%. Use the THC strain sparingly and always have the CBD backup if you start to feel bad, for balance. The tow working together in the right dose is key.

            I find that straight Sativa strains are energetic and without the CBD can cause runaway thinking that develop into anxiety.

            EDIT----HA, I see that I chimed in already above, long ago. I'll keep this here anyway because I think it's relevant and not redundant to what I said before. Growing a Dinafem Dinamed CBD+ right now.
            Last edited by Cronk; 07-01-2019, 07:35 PM.
            complete beginner
            39" x 39" x 78" tent
            315 Watt CMH
            4" Phat Filter w/ 4" Hurricane duct fan
            Automatic top feed into coco.
            Mega Crop nutes


              Morning Cronk yes I do also mix my strains for the same reasons you have. My husband has suffered and oldest daughter from panic attacks me I can honestly say just once and it was exhausting. For us after many trials of strains we got what we needed not perfect but it has worked well for them. And yes on that Jack Herrer I like that strain a lot. It's very oily and it does my family good when mixed with higher THC strains. People need to understand the THC factor/strain and what this medicine can do. It is a old old way of using a plant for more than getting stoned out of space. Which is fine but it's got far more uses in helping with anxiety expecially social anxiety. It's been our savior.


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