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how do I raise the humitiy?

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    I McGivered most of my grow room,including the floor, first I put a full size sheet of white coragated plastic (Home Depot) on top of that I put a large dog cage liner painted white on top of that I placed a two inch high rack painted white as well. I put a gallon of water into the cage liner and replace as it evaporates. Just my way! Lol


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      Spot on Potted.. Yes I am always thinking of what I can do from home with what I have laying around. Great job..

    I read on someone else's grow journal that soaking and then wringing out a towel until its just more than damp and then hang it inside the grow room.
    It worked for them to get out of the low 30's high 20's
    My Growing and going full tilt NoTill NTG thread
    The universities do not teach all things


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      that would probably work well. I;m finding that the bigger my plants get and the more water I use, the higher the humidity goes. The towel would be good for first 3 or 4 weeks

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