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    Botanicare Pro Grow and Pro Bloom

    I am just starting my first coir grow in fabric pots. Nebula's tutorial on coir is great. She mentions one brand of nutes that don't require a reduction in the amount recommended by the manufacturer, I am using the above products from Botanicare.

    Should I reduce the strength to 1/2 or 1/4 of the amounts recommended by Botanicare at each stage of growth?

    Also, my understanding is that I should alternate watering with nutes, followed by watering with plain phed water.

    Thank you.

    Hello Spanky, yeah I would start low an continue to raise it slowly as long as your plants aren't showing bad burns. You want to give them all they can handle without burning, a little tip burn ain't to bad. Be sure to start adding cal-mag from the beginning.
    Cfls for a week or two
    315lec for everything else
    Dug up Ms.topsoil, with perlite added
    36x36x63 inch tent.
    6inch - exaust - intake fans an scrubber
    Smart pots


    • Spanky
      Spanky commented
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      Thanks DASS69,
      Cal/mag is ready and waiting. Other than slow growth, do you know what would be the symptoms of not enough nutes?

    Sorry, just found the photo guide on deficiencies. For a weed, there is an awful lot that can go wrong!


    • D.A.A.S.69
      D.A.A.S.69 commented
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      A lot of times they start turning yellow.

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