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[Mini Guide] Germinating your Seeds

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    [Mini Guide] Germinating your Seeds

    As you'll likely know, there are several ways of germinating your weed seeds. Let's check:

    "Paper towel method" - that is when you germinate your seeds between wet paper towels.
    "Water glass method" - you germinate them by dropping your seeds in a glass of water and wait.
    "Jiffies" - the ol' Jiffy pellets which likely everyone knows
    "Rock Wool" - Rock wool cubes
    "Just putting them in some pot with seedling starter mix"

    I have seen several seed banks seen now starting to recommend to NOT use the paper towel method and water glass method any more, and I have to say I agree.
    Especially germinating in water makes the seeds prone to mould. And with paper towels, it can be tricky especially for new growers since there is always a risk you damage the fine tap roots when you move the seeds into your pot.

    As so many here I germinated already tons of seeds and to be honest I am now also starting to simply germinate them right in the pot, or depending with Jiffies or Rock Wool.
    I do NOT see any benefit whatsoever in paper towel method or water glass method. NULL. ZERO.

    Jiffies I consider ok, because they are portable, means you can germinate a whole bunch at once in little space. They also promote growth since they do not contain and nutrients, which is good.
    HOWEVER: REMOVE THE FRICKING NETS before you re-pot!! (There is no guarantee they will dissolve/ remove them). Jiffies might dry out fast, this is a minor annoyance...but what I'll do right now...put a Jiffy in the middle of a pot with soil. (This has the benefit that it may prevent the Jiffy from drying too fast, among other benefits)

    Rock Wool is maybe my favourite, especially if you germinate for a hydro setup. Except the minor hassles that you need to pre-soak them with low pH water. But I like them. Clean..and it nicely protects the roots of the seedling when you re-pot the thing later.

    Of course, you can do more, there is almost infinite possibilities: Just mix together some perlite, vermiculite etc. and germinate there in a small pot.

    What is important and what new growers sometimes get wrong: For starting your seeds you should use a mix/soil WITHOUT any nutrients.
    You should also not feed your seedling for some 2 weeks. The reason is that you want your seeds to grow roots, and not spoil them with nutrients. Giving your just-sprouted seedlings nutrients is BAD.
    (I also personally have never seen any benefit from using "special seedling nutes", this is a total waste of money IMHO. Good quality seeds [and I am talking about €1 bulk seeds, lol] always germinate/grow fast, usually 2-3 days. If they don't, it's your seeds and not your setup.)

    Dude great guide, good read too, I'm with you on the jiffy pellet nets lol, now I just re-hydrate them, make a jiffy pellet sized hole(thumb!)and crumble them in the hole, pausing halfway for seed placement of course lol
    The more I know, the better I grow.


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