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    LED and CFL

    Q: Can you use LED and CFLs lights?

    Do you mean both together in the same setup?
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      I uae cfl for clones. Ive read with enough cfl lights it can work just as wel as others (though as they generate little to no heat you might need heatung pads depending on your area)

      led have been round a few years though i cant comment on them... im sure other growers will input (feom what ie read decent leds are the way to go... cheap to run... leas heat... BUT quite expensive (least in australia)

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        Welcome to the forum sparkee,


        but the real question is will it work for your needs?
        lighting will depend on your needs for space, height, number of plants, and quantity per plant.

        1) I am not a led guy but from what I understand is store bought Led are not really the best for cannabis. There's some great Led lights for growing but they are specifically made for growing cannabis and need some distance from the plants . Here is a example of a recommended starting point from

        2) CLF bulbs are a great way to go for a small grow, this one I know about. If you are looking to grow around 1-2 plants, you can pull -28g to 56g+ depending on your setup and skill level. With cfl you have to keep them close, will want a minimum of 230 watts and that is actually watts not equivalent. (100w equivalent is 23w actually, 23watt x 10 bulbs = 230 watts) it does get to a point with cfl that quantity of bulbs, heat, and Watts do not justify it and HID or LED lights come to the play, cfl are getting a little harder to find but here is a link:

        3) if you are asking if they can be combined, Yes. But the same rules above apply, and the best advice I can give you on the vague questions is to do some lite reading here

        before making the Plunge do some reading on GWE.Com. buying a set up twice isn't cost-effective and getting it right the first time is priceless.
        hope this answers the question? but most importantly
        Hope this helps
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          I started with CFLs and transitioned to LEDs, in the process I ran a few cycles with CFLs & LEDs, then vegged under CFL flowered under LED, then finally switched to just LED.
          Combining them works but it's not that practical, as Furley says the CFLs need to be really close, but the LEDs need a good 18" or so from the canopy -- what ends up happening is the CFLS shade the LED lights which is counter productive. The best approach is probably LED for the canopy and CFL as side lights. However, if your tent is small or very packed then heat may become an issue in this scenario.

          I personally love growing under LEDs. They're cheaper to run, more efficient, and an LED grow light creates far less heat than the amount of CFLs you'd need to get the same yields. If you want a cheap in on the LED approach try Mars Hydro or Roleandro ($70 for a light that will grow 2 plants through their full cycle).
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            Thanks guys I appreciate it....


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