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Is it useful to cure dried buds in jars before making RSO?

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    Is it useful to cure dried buds in jars before making RSO?

    I'm close to my first harvest of ACDC clones. Intent to is make high CBD, low THC edible hash oil (RSO) from both Bud's and Trim. After drying, should I still cure my buds for weeks in mason jars, or just grind them up and extract. Plan to extract the buds and trim separately, so I can see how they compare in potency and yield.

    Hi jalapeño, I'm into the high CBD strains, too. They recommend dried herb to make oil:

    What I want to try when I harvest my high-CBD strains (next grow) is to decarb all the material after it's dried so that I can make oil or tincture without having to use any more heat.
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      Thanks allatup. The ok-simpson-oil link confirmed for me that cooking off the solvent at 210 - 230 F when making RSO takes care of the decarboxylation. Also suggests using my rice cooker, which is a brilliant idea. I'll definitely consider using the oven for decarb'ing buds as suggested if I decide to make an infusion.

    That's a good question I wish some sciency dude or gal could answer. I've made several batches of rso great medicine. Thc like our own bodies is degrading the older it gets after harvest so the sooner u could make ur oil the better. I hear from some of my west coast peeps. That whole plant extract is where it's at. Good luck.


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