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  • HPS lights

    What do yo think about these lights?

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    I'm thinking of 2 of these instead of a 250 watt setup


    • St.buds
      St.buds commented
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      Why not just one 400 watt?

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    Hey foghead, probably be ok for about an 18 x 18 inch closet or tent.


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      What’s your grow space looking like foghead?
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        I ran 2 150's. Was OK for 3 short plants. I think you would get less heat with 1 250 though.


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          U want 60 watts per sqf if u have more than 60w per sqf u will need to add co2 or ur plants will get light stressed. U can always move ur lights further away but then ur wasteing energy. So depending on the size of ur room that will depend on how many lights u need. U wount have to worry about to much heat because it will be controlled tho the hood make sure ur fan is atleast 5times stronger than u need and u wount have any issues, u can wire it onto a normal house dimmable switch and then u can self adjust the speed u need. This method works awesome for me. (cost for a house dimmer 20bucks) (cost for an actual hydroponics fan dimmer 200bucks). Sorry for the long reply, but if u did wanna add co2 in a small room I would recomend the exhale c02 bag u hang it and forget about it for 6months (cost 40bucks) supplys 500ppm per 4x4x4 space


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            Note that the Q&A says these are not full-spectrum and should not be used for the vegetative stage. The HPS bulbs I've been seeing are 2100K (same as a "Cool-White" CFL), which supports that.
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