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Unnecessary but useful supplies??

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    Unnecessary but useful supplies??

    Anyone have any supplies/items/tools that are unnecessary but make growing easier?? Trying to improve my set up just a little bit
    3rd Grow
    Amnesia Haze, Bubbliciois, Super Skunk
    Tent- 4x4x6.5
    Light- 600w HPS/ 220w COB
    Medium- KindSoil/FFOF
    Pots- 3gal fabric
    Nutrients- None


    what type of set up?
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    Water Curing Experiment
    My E&F System

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      Sounds like an in geneal question, and id be interesed what kinda hacks are out there


        I use Nuts, washers, and larger t30 screws to train/lst my plants
        does that count?Click image for larger version

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        Yo mama was a snowblower.


          I use binder clips for LST (clipped to the rim of a smart pot with a twist tie holding the branch), so far it works well. Easy to adjust the tie without disassembling everything--I can also shift the entire thing to one side or the other if things are getting crowded--and if the tie does pop out it doesn't damage the pot. If I need/want something stronger than a twist tie I use the coated wire that holds action figures in the packaging.
          ****tent (2x4) and large light (Relassy 300W LED) is in storage for now until I can solve some household electrical issues****

          CoM Stonington Blend soil, distilled water; Liquid Squid amendment if needed, molasses for flowering

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            A Funnel on the end of like a 3 foot plastic pipe. Good for when everything is bushy an floppy.


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