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Dark before harvest?

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    Dark before harvest?

    Approaching my harvest Windows in the next few weeks. Is there any benefit to giving them a extra long dark period before harvest? And when is best to chop? Mid light cycle or as the lights go out? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

    I flower from 6 pm to 6 am. I unplug the light at 6 am the day before chop day. The next morning we harvest so it's about 26 hours of darkness. Some people leave it dark longer. Not sure if there is much difference but others may have more experience.
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      I put them in the dark for about 48 hours and chop befor lights go on. My 2 cents


        What does the extra dark before chop do? I'm guessing potency, Ive just never heard of this trick.


          I keep mine in the black dark for at least 48 hours before harvesting. I ain't no scientist but it's pretty easy to compare to other plants ready for harvest. The ones grown outdoors and covered in black plastic have lots more frost on them. Same as indoors. Good Luck
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            The theory goes that a plant left in a "longer" dark period prior to harvesting, induces a larger development of trichomes and possibly fatter nugs. Though no clear evidence or theory, i believe it is attributed to natural processes that accelerate certain physiology properties. For example, if dark periods are extended during flowering, the flowering process takes less time to complete its overall cycle. Enabling a quicker harvest. This same aspect of extendeding the dark period must set off certain processes, likely related to a plants circardian clock.
            With long dark periods before harvest, these similar processes may be functioning to speed up the flowering just like with the former method. Allowing the use of any extra stored energy to be used instead of wasted sugars going to waste.

            You also get the added benefit of any leftover minerals, chlorophylls, sugars etc to be broken down through metabolic processes, getting an early jump on that curing process.
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